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General Discussionhow do i win with meepo

how do i win with meepo in General Discussion

    i destroy early game and as soon as late game comes around i just fall off harder than a drug addicted mother drops her baby


      it sounds facile but the answer is to not let late game come need to take your mid game chances to finish.


        End fast

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          End fast.

          Do not even let your enemy BREATHE.


            Since you would get lvl 25 before minute 25, you'll start to fall off later on because the enemy can catch up


              If game isn't done by 35 mins or so, you're gonna start having serious problems. The very first teamfight, you should win because of your higher lvl and farm(assuming you had maximum efficiency). That should be one set of rax after. I'm not even joking. Then keep up the pressure afterwards.


                worst hero in doto