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SEA confirmed best server once again in General Discussion
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    5k-6k SEA = 5.5k-6.5k everywhere else
    inflated shitters btfo

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      If that is your logic, watch until you see Australia’s distribution.

      im so fucking bad

        But im 9k


          ofcourse.. MidOne proved it...

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            until you play on EU and then you realize that suddely you get stomped every game because SEA is a retarded child server easy to win

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              SEA best server!!!!! all others are mmr inflated!!!!

              meanwhile no SEA team has impact in the professional scene at all

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                stats dont lie

                washed up

                  Not yet 🌚

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                    stats dont lie but morons that try to misinterpret them to mke themselves feel better sure do

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                      i see nothing wrong with roughly getting the percentiles by looking at the area

                      Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                        8k SEA = 9k to other region.

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                          obvously seas 6k is lower pecentile than other servers 6k
                          what brings u to the concluson this makes sea 6k somehow more valuable is the mystery here

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                            SEA has lowest amount of 6k players, has no influence in pro scene apart from 2 players = SEA best server

                            gives you an idea why the server is shit in the first place


                              Butthurt non sea noobs should shutup


                                SEA is the only region who wants to prove something.


                                  Why non-sea player keep crying in sea thread fuk of nub

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                                    not even in flat 1k you see itembuilds like that on EU servers

                                    the only inflated server is SEA. because its filled with seamonkey children, just by not behaving like a complete autistic and rabid chimpanzee you will gain mmr.

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                                      no kappa


                                        Ask anyone who moves server, EU is like a hot air balloon.

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                                          i dont even care i just want to trigger some sea's

                                          Story Time

                                            but is it as good as 8 extra treants?