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General DiscussionI have over 1.2k games with kunkka, and im open to whatever questions...

I have over 1.2k games with kunkka, and im open to whatever questions u guys have. in General Discussion

    Hello every1, i have been playing kunkka for a lot as u guys can tell, im not attacker but i do have lot of experience with the hero and with different builds so feel free to ask anything. :)

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      isnt that more of a reddit thingy?


        How do you deal wiith ember?i was completely wrecked against ember in mid, how do you deal against him seriously? How to use ur tidebringer efficiently for harrassing and didnt change creep equilibrium?


          I can watch your replay but i dont think i have free time right now. Can i add you to ask something about kunkka related?


            Just dont be afraid to attack him, honestly he is actually pretty weak at early stage, and his magical damage on you will be nothing, aside that u gotta pull the creep way so u can tidebring him, and it does depends on how do u skill up, give the most to your tidebring if you are not getting ganks from your team so you can deal the dmg you need for the x mark combo. :)


              Sure, add me.

              Big Chungus

                Who are bad matchups in mid for kunkka?


                  Which talent at 25 should we take now that extra tide bringer damage gone ? Do you hunk we should build kunkka any different with talent change ? Looks like we will only be able to one shot people with rapiers now

                  kill my pain

                    what does it feel like to have extra chromosomes


                      @wisp senpai - Depending on player skill but TA- Tidehunter - Od can be a problem if u cant fake your torrent - also timbersaw

                      @Filthy - Not exactly rapiers, i have done a 3 daedalous build and still one shot people with that, and i think that the tide bring cool down is still a masive buff if u consider the huge damage u can make with 1 single crit.

                      @kill my pain - it feels great in deed


                        This game felt like I had to grab my team by the balls and force them to win .

                        Do you ever build linkens like I did that game?


                          do you ever go aghs+refresher+lvl 25 talent for a 4k magic damage perma stun wombo combo


                            @filthy i just finished a match with a linkens, sometimes i do use linkens like my last game. It is helpfull and the hp+mana regen works too.

                            @Joe27 Yeah i had but that is more like a troll build, i dont seem to take it like a usefull perma stun wombo combo. If they have magic protection is worthless, yet a fun one


                              how do you get an extra chromosomes?

                              how do you beat kunnka at lane btw


                                Depends on the hero, u gotta harras him when his below lvl 6, if u let him get lane control there wont be a way back.


                                  I don’t build armlet since I suck at armlet toggling , how essential is armlet ? I have done fine without it so far .

                                  Also i build a battle fury before I get a daedleus , if I’m not building armlet should I build something else then the battle fury I have been building ?

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                                    An old vessel, but more than sea worthy.

                                    One day I will be just like you, Deku. Still spamming Kunkka but in a VHS bracket.

                                    Zechs Merquise

                                      Hey @Deku

                                      I played with/against you two seperate times this week. My name might have been Cavs in 6 at that time. Im not gonna lie this dude is a beast on Kunkka no joke.


                                        @Filthy i would say it is essential for your early-mid stage of the game, thats my first item after boots and it does makes an impact, you gotta get used to toggle and also the stats from it are good,also bf is expensier than the armlet, i dont build bf unless im playing another lane but mid and when im not doing my bottle, thats the only use i see for the bf ( farm and regen ) i rather having another daedalous than a bf. Usually this is my order, Bottle and a Tp at the very early, magic wand, boots, phase boots, armlet, daedalous, blink and the rest depends on the flow of the game.

                                        @CatWithaTopHat Ill meet u on the sea


                                          @Divine.0wl yeah i remember the name Cavs but i cant find the match sureky u did good on those match too :)


                                            This is how i skill/item build most of the time


                                              White or black divine anchor theme or mixed ?


                                                Currently im using White with a shadowblade and a normal hat.

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                                                  Zechs Merquise

                                           (Game 1, You stomped my team, Ultra Killed Us in Well)

                                           (Game 2, Our team flamed each other and wanted to give up and I put us back into the game with Position 4 Visage Splitpush)

                                                    GG's Pro Kunkka


                                                      @divine.0wl yeah iremember now, visage is damn good and a hard hero to play against wp


                                                        You rocking similar set as me I wish I would have gotten the kunkka shark last year . I got 4 gems on my shadow blade with three of them being kinetic .


                                                          New question , your very Farmed late game but struggling to break high ground vs hero’s like invoker , sniper and underlord . What’s the items / strat here ? Your team has a lot worse late game but you have huge lead .

                                                          △⇶!Capt. Saver⇶↛△

                                                            Question: why don't you play a good hero like Slark?


                                                              @filthy well in that scenario there are 2 ways, and at that time u better have a rapier with u, its even winning a tf defending high ground with a 1 shot kill or gettin some1 caught pushing a lane out tping in killing him and getting away with your x mark.


                                                                @Love i dont really see slark as a good hero, but thats just me

                                                                △⇶!Capt. Saver⇶↛△

                                                                  You have 10 matches with him and a 40% win rate with him. It's been 3 years since you've even touched him.

                                                                  It goes without being said that it should be at least 50% bro. Something is wrong with your slark for sure xd


                                                                    I’ve played a lot of Slark games but I can’t seem to play him well now . Slark is fun but kunkka is top tier fun. 1 shotting 4 players at once is something no other hero does.


                                                                      @love probbly because i dont play him and 3 years since i even touched him soooo... i have dedicated my whole time to kunkka.


                                                                        Dumb question
                                                                        - how to farm efficiently as kunkka mid? Ddo you use 00:57 torrent stack or what? Or you just wreck mid and snowball?

                                                                        Gonna add u and watch your replay now


                                                                          Sure u can add me.
                                                                          I dont use torrent to stack, usually i snowball from mid but when i dont i gotta start using my boat + tidebring to clear a creep wave and moving on to clearing the jungle so i can farm what i should.

                                                                          AOZAKI AOKO

                                                                            how autistic you have to be to play 1200 games of same hero and be borderline 4k


                                                                              way to autistic, and im not borderline 4k lol but love for u too


                                                                                so is the new talent a nerf or a buff?


                                                                                  well it is a nerf but also a good thing considering the fact that u can create more chances for jumping in and crits.


                                                                                    how on earth did you play 1000 game with one hero and never get bored !!!


                                                                                      how do you do the combo?
                                                                                      I like doing it like this:
                                                                                      x mark
                                                                                      1 second pause
                                                                                      1 second pause

                                                                                      and I dont click the x mark again

                                                                                      It is really hard to miss it like that and it does insane amount of damage in a really short time but since you are here for ama, say what you prefer


                                                                                        @archer i do get bored sometimes and thats when u play fun heroes like techies or pudge ( they r for me ), and even when i watch a pro play or event i got the feels to play kunkka.

                                                                                        @dragy10 i do call them back with x mark when i do x mark + torrent + boat but when i do x mark + boat + torrent i still call them b with x mark cuz thats how i feel more comfortable.

                                                                                        On teamfights theres no need of xmark when they r all grouping on 1 unit so.. its about the flow of the game

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                                                                                          which waifu do you hug when you have to writhe in pain because someone else picked/banned kunkka?


                                                                                            HAHAHAHA thats a good one lol


                                                                                              I'm 1k mmr :) ... What item build should I follow ? I usually go offlane because as soon as the game starts someone puts their icon at mid and safelane
                                                                                              Leaving me with offlane..
                                                                                              Can kunkka offlane? And potentially carry the team from there? Hope ya reply


                                                                                                ye just pull wave at 47/17 and you can offlane with any hero lighting

                                                                                                Livin' Real Good

                                                                                                  damn this thread is making me wanna play Kunkka core, I always played him support, especially in 7.00-7.02 when he was actually top tier.


                                                                                                    its very hard hero tho


                                                                                                      hello bruh, i often played kunkka, mostly for pos 4, sometimes pos 2. and i want to ask about itemization for kunkka
                                                                                                      1. is aether lens a core item for pos4?
                                                                                                      2. is armlet still a thing for core kunkka?

                                                                                                      i've had a great times with kunkka, 17 games, 70% win rate, mostly played as pos 4

                                                                                                      Shadow Fraud

                                                                                                        How do I beat lesh as kunkka? He just takes all the cs man :(