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General DiscussionWhy domi + necro on lycan?

Why domi + necro on lycan? in General Discussion

    Why i never see a pro player build armlet + mom on lycan? (reference on torte delini guide)

    Shadow Fraud

      mom got nerfed too much, while hotd got slowly buffed to be better and better for summons.
      So now you have a miniture army of 5 that all benefit from lycan aura and the attack speed from necro and hotd.
      Pop your howl
      bye bye towers

      Shadow Fraud

        oh and necro got buffed a little over the patches.

        the drubbing giver

          They nerfed his agi gain and a bunch of other stuff that doesnt matter too much for summons but is very bad for DPS build

          Big Chungus

            With the summon lycan you eat towers and heroes under 20 mins. And end by 30, kills don’t win games objectives do

            Rubick Fanboy

              MoM got worse and helm got better


                Well i tried it myself with my friend, some wk jungle shit, fun game could have been more careful on my approach but overall i can feel the power of 22 hp regen in lane