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General Discussionis storm a shit laner currently or is it just me?

is storm a shit laner currently or is it just me? in General Discussion
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        He's an awful laner. I can comfortably pick visage against this hero with no fear of getting every single last hit denied on me.


          ya it's pretty bad at laning phase


            been finding him not too bad against some melee heros but you really gotta use the remnant to LH and harass with overload on those ranged

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              Well at least he doesnt have two enemy supports on his ass now. I think that he is situational, he is good against qop and dk at mid, also good against wr(if people still play mid wr)


                it's not great, he's not a 'lane dominator' i mean, 4 armour 51 base damage, decent animation, low attack range with a -140ish damage AOE melee range nuke.

                if you can't hit them with your bumps (melee heros), you can expect your lane to be rough
                However he has a 20-30-40 damage attack stim that'll help you get last hits. (overload)

                He's not shit, Like he's definately playable and a storm that either wins (through outskill) or trades even, Is quite a force to be wreckened with because his item timings (treads, kaya= 3-4k gold) are much much faster than most other mids (treads, aquila, sblade =5k gold) so he can kinda just take over the game given the opportunity.

                If you're not getting crushed, especially vs a lane dominator (lina, viper, qop etc) You're probably winning, however you have to use that first powerspike (your 4k gold) to either get a few kills or pressure the map enough to succure yourself some farm, because it's a long stretch after kaya to get either ->( bloodstone, orchid, bkb, linkens, uels ) While the enemy Sf has a shadowblade and is hunting you.

                long story short, Yeah he can lane, you'll get dumpstered by the dominators (Lina, TA) but you'll be fine against most other matchups, especially with stacks and your kaya timing


                  bad but not worst