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General DiscussionJuggernaut 4-6th best healer in the town

Juggernaut 4-6th best healer in the town in General Discussion

    Roamer/support Juggernaut? Any suggestions what to build and general tips is appreciated! TY

    P.s. Never played Juggernaut at any position before

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      pair jugger with IO = indestructible self healing machine! (K A P P A)


        tried thinking stuffs but its just ending up to "its just aint working!"

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          TIL Warlock's average damage output isn't that far off jugg's

          bonds are a bitch

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            clarities boots and orb of venom and gank any lane then hope to get carried

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              ^great idea to become a worse version of any support that has jugg's support capabilities (and more)


                its the only way it can work...sing sing did it like 4 times when roaming was relevant....and somehow made it work...also 2b did it

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                  It has been irrelevant since idk, after TI3? Puppey Jugg anyone?


                    So there was puppey support juggey TI3