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General DiscussionWinter Wyvern is my new fave pos 5

Winter Wyvern is my new fave pos 5 in General Discussion

    Shaman was before,but now i realized how supperior the Ice Dragon is.


      And I thought that long CD Arctic Burn and lane pushing Splinter Blast would be major drawbacks in the laning stage.


        The Arctic Burn does huge dmg
        His laning stage sucks kinda,but he is great after lvl 6.


          Learn to play Treant!!! It is hard core hero


            How do you mean? I'm struggling to figure out which support heroes to focus on atm, and wyvern just seems really hard to use the ult most of the time it's not enough for me.

            The heroes I'm focusing on right now are Shaman, Kotl, Venge and warlock. But not really having success. I pretty much have to rely on having shaman with blink to catch some people and disable for full durations. But it wins games for sure.


              Shaman with Aether Lens and good positioning is all you need


                Shes amazing support to every lineup and vs any, ulti so ultimate

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