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    Glade I'm out of 2k

    Учитель Секса



        I love when people buy and use too many consumables all game and can't get a force staff or ghost to survive late.

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            impossible, riki here

            Hermione Granger,LPT


              What now brazilian fangay ?

                > We need wards.

                Swole Gamer | NO CARDIO |...

                  need a 3 minute gem obv


                    clearly, we need multiple people with detection solution buy 2 gems


                      Just blame & feed when the solo support don't buy detection. Works every time.

                      Lethal Eliminator

                        default storm is a gourd not a dust dude lol

                        Black Capped Chickadee

                          Just remember: in the lower tier if you really hate invis hero. Get a bs on the lane.


                            i got excited when i saw BH. i've been spamming the carry bh in ranked games and i actually won them. i bring wards with me lol when i know they are warding. slardar isn't really enough to kill invi heroes when the invi hero is really sneaky. the only problem with bh is that he is squishy early game without heart/linken


                              I love it when NS playing bounty carry xD ^^

                              KuroKo sasongko

                                Sentries and Dusts isn't enough to counter Bounty Hunter and Riki , actually for Riki with Blink Dagger and Bounty Hunter with Guardian Grave + Blink Dagger . But the real problems is if the pilots have good positioning and executing for gank and escape , likely hit and run instead .


                                  What about good ol' Gem?


                                    ^incredbly risky, you die with gem and you're losing all your map vision, sentries become obsolete, and you get pushed back heavily.

                                    d dRh zY

                                      Good advice.


                                        The most importante thing about countering invisible heroes is not walking alone, or baiting them with an exposed support/core surrounded by fogged allies + invi ward.

                                        Invisible heroes are mostly gankers/solo killers, they don't thrive in teambattle or even agaisnt multiple targets.

                                        Bounty Hunter and Riki are more succesful at higher brackets because they provide a lot of vision/information, which higher level allies can use better.

                                        Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                          whatever you do unless youre extremely ahead...never buy a gem its suicidal...ive lost games from ahead because dumb fools think they're pro


                                            how can we get sea pubs understand this?

                                            no solo supp till crusader

                                              exactly why supporting in 1k sucks...


                                                you know i've been supporting type Bounty Hunter aggro trilanes or roaming around enemy runes, some possibly knew im there even mid lane having hard time ganked by bounty and died early, you were right at some point using dust at the right time or sentry at the right time might cleared up this issues. but my BH speciality is medallion , Force Staff and aether lens while i can survive long enough, you can check on my latest game and my metas, one more thing, i love to smash the cour that run around before fly

                                                Ivar the Boneless

                                                  yeah what most people suggest is that you get gem as early as possible but that is too risky. Just have more people bring dust or sents and be wise, works everytime.

                                                  Sgt Steiner

                                                    Here is a typical game by someone sub 1k. Me. LoL.
                                                    They barely buy wards.
                                                    And when they do, i can usually feel them out by standing in lane as creeps walk by.
                                                    Ultimately, making sure as Riki, you don't engage by yourself (unless a solo fight), you're good to go.
                                                    If they are smart, they're carrying sentry wards and drop them in the middle of my ult.
                                                    Or pop dust after my ult.
                                                    Blink dagger is great to get out of trouble like that, but usually i'm buying more offensive weapons rather than defensive.


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