Announcing the Dotabuff App's new Adaptive Items moduleBy DotabuffTeam on

Three months ago, we announced the beta launch of the free Dotabuff App. Today, we're releasing our fifth module for the app: Adaptive Items. This module provides game-aware item recommendations using Dotabuff-powered data and analysis.

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Heroes Who Could Really Use a NerfBy KawaiiSocks on

It is unlikely we will see a balance patch before the qualifiers to the International begin, but one can hope and dream. Not necessarily because the meta as a whole is broken in any way, but rather because there are some heroes who are just too good and too popular. Today, we are having a look at heroes who fit these criteria and will discuss ways in which they could be brought back in line.

Three unkillable supports and the rise of Holy LocketBy Duality on

The AniMajor taught us some pretty interesting things about the current meta in Dota 2. Today, we're looking specifically at three heroes who embody the support archetype in the current meta by being flexible, hard-to-kill, and excellent mid-game bait.

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AniMajor Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

We know the winner of the last Major of the season, we know the teams who will participate in TI and we know that there are still some eight-legged things to iron out balance-wise before the biggest esports tournament of the year. For now, though, we want to have a closer look at an incredible Kyiv event and its most iconic heroes.

Heroes Who Could Really Use a BuffBy KawaiiSocks on

The AniMajor is approaching its final stage, but there are still almost 30 unpicked heroes in the tournament, heroes who could really use a buff to be more competitive or unique in their skillset. Some of them we might be happy about — they were either a part of the previous meta or are annoying to play against. Some, like the ones we want to discuss today, are the heroes we haven’t seen professionally for a while and who are not particularly great in pubs either.

Preparing for AniMajor PlayoffsBy KawaiiSocks on

The Wild Card and the Group Stage are over and it is time to look at how the meta changed from what we expected before the Major and how it might look like in the Playoffs. While there are certainly some problems with the current patch, one of which has eight legs and more or less has to be banned against certain teams, it is still pretty diverse overall.

Majorly Meta Heroes and RoshanBy Duality on

We get excited every time the group stage of a major international tournament kicks off. It is super cool to see how each region has interpreted the meta and what heroes everyone seems to agree on as the strongest. With the WePlay AniMajor rolling, we are getting to see how the 7.29 patch meta has developed over the past few months.

The Worst Hero in Dota?By KawaiiSocks on

Silencer was the only hero that was completely ignored in the Upper Divisions of all DPC regions. The hero who received several notable buffs in the last several patches is still largely considered unplayable in the professional scene and we wanted to figure out why, while also discussing whether the hero should also be ignored in pubs.

Is this the end of iconic bugs in Dota 2?By Duality on

Evil Geniuses recently lost a game to Quincy Crew because of a bug that had existed for quite a long time. After the game, that bug was patched out, causing us to consider when these unintended interactions are features or bugs.

The Most Iconic Hero of Each DPC RegionBy KawaiiSocks on

What separates a good patch from a great one is often the sheer amount of viable strategies and playstyles. It is underwhelming to see multiple or even all regions converging on the same pool of heroes with very little deviation, even if the game is well balanced within those confines. We are happy to say that 7.29 is definitely a great patch and the end result is that each DPC region has its own unique identity and signature heroes. With slightly over a week before the Major, it is time to look at what the competitors are bringing to the table.

Underrated Heroes of 7.29By Duality on

Any time there is a big patch, a few heroes will fall through the cracks in the meta shuffle that ensues. We have already covered some of the best and brightest shining heroes in all the roles so be sure to check out those articles if you haven’t already. In this one, we are going to dig a little deeper into the developing hero meta to find some diamonds in the rough.

Why Warlock WinsBy Duality on

As of about halfway through the DPC season, Warlock was the most picked and highest win rate hero in North America. He was also outside of the top 30 picks in nearly every other region. As of today, Warlock is still the most picked hero in North America with an incredible 69.57% win rate. It has also been noticed by the European pro teams and has jumped up in popularity to be the 7th most picked hero with a 68.75% win rate. Here is why I think the other regions are going to be in trouble at the next Major tournament if they aren’t ready for Warlock.

Top Carries in 7.29By KawaiiSocks on

The final part in our series, where we discuss the most reliable and successful heroes in each position. Today, we make it to position one heroes: the carries. Compared to the previous patch, there are certainly massive shifts in which heroes are doing well and while we were predicting the resurgence of ranged carries, the actual meta seems to have developed around characters who are in some way counters to the ranged cores.

Top Position Four Supports in 7.29By KawaiiSocks on

Position four support role is one of the most fun roles to play in the current patch. There is a wide variety of heroes that are viable in this position and given the current state of the economy, it is slightly easier to earn money as a support. Recently added and changed Shards are also allowing many heroes to be experimented with as the offlane support. That said, there are still heroes who clearly stand out and are statistically the most reliable soft support heroes.

Top Mids in 7.29By Duality on

For the first time in a few years, there has been a pretty big shake-up to the basic structure of mid lane Dota. The lane is less random thanks to the delaying of power runes until six minutes. The consistent Bottle refills from Water Runes and 3-minute Bounties have also removed a lot of the potential for early pressure as well. At the moment, there appear to be a few different ways to maneuver the mid lane meta. We're going to review the top mid heroes of 7.29.

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