Shadow Shaman: a Good Fit For the Current Meta?By KawaiiSocks on
Shadow Shaman: a Good Fit For the Current Meta?

Shadow Shaman is a peculiar hero. He fits most lineups, providing strong disables, decent damage, pushing potential and zoning capabilities. Yet for some reason the hero has been largely ignored by both professional and pub players for the longest of times, ending in a 0% contest rate during the Kiev Major qualifiers. Something had to be done…

5 Questions DAC could answerBy Skim on
5 Questions DAC could answer

Back in 2015, DAC was a huge tournament. It was crowdfunded, and it was the first time a TI-like event was hosted outside of the TI cycle. Now with the Major system in place, DAC, despite its prizepool of over 500k USD, doesn’t feel as big anymore.

It’s still important enough for Valve to push their Kiev Major dates for teams to attend, despite playing the Major just two weeks after. 9/12 of the attending teams are also competing in Kiev, and since PGL will produce both events, in many ways DAC could be a little bit of a rehearsal going.

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Migrating to the Fourth PositionBy KawaiiSocks on
Migrating to the Fourth Position

In the last six months there was a peculiar trend in Dota—some former offlaners have started migrating to the position four support role. It all started with Virtus.Pro and their Weaver. The popularity of Weaver has slightly decreased since, giving way for one of the strongest offlaners to take his spot.

The Case For Random DraftBy eggs on
The Case For Random Draft

There was a time, back in Dota 1, when Random Draft was the premier mode for tryhard players. Today, as players drift towards All Pick for ranked matchmaking, they’re missing out on essential ways they can improve their Dota game through Random Draft.

Dealing with Lone Druid By Skim on
Dealing with Lone Druid

The “new Sniper” has been all over pub and pro play in these past few months of the 7.xx era. The new talent system has inspired the fighting Lone Druid build that has been especially remarkable in pro play, resulting in him being the most banned hero (246) during the most recent Kiev Major qualifiers.

We’ve covered how he works, but how exactly does one deal with Lone Druid, especially in pub games, where it is easier for him to be let through?

Kiev Major Qualifiers RecapBy KawaiiSocks on
Kiev Major Qualifiers Recap

The fight is finally over, and eight teams have joined the Kiev Major final selection. This time around the qualifiers were handled differently, with some of the regions split into two. It allowed for fairer competition, with similar pings for various teams, and guaranteed South American and CIS representation at the event.

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