Core Undying: Meme or Meta?By Duality on

Core Undying is something that has been on my mind for a very long time. The big bad zombie man is fun to play and feels like he could snowball out of his incredibly strong laning stage. The recent changes to his Aghanim’s Shard (spawning zombies on attack in ultimate form) and a level 10 talent change have made players curious about his viability. I was challenged to head into the trenches and investigate whether core Undying is worth playing or just another way to light your MMR on fire.

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Pre-International Competitive Meta TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on

The International is coming in less than a month, and we are fairly certain that 7.30c is going to be the patch the biggest tournament of the year is going to be played on. As such, it is perhaps the time to get a look at the current professional meta and maybe even speculate on the ways it can develop further before TI.

Back With a VengeanceBy Duality on

Vengeful Spirit’s win rate and pick rate have been on the rise since patch 7.30 dropped. Tune into any stream or play in Ancient+ rank and you are likely to run into her in the majority of games. Vengeful Spirit currently sits at about 13% pick rate and a 55% win rate across all ranks and is seeing play in a variety of positions.

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Is the New Tinker Secretly OP?By KawaiiSocks on

The Tinker rework in 7.30 was initially met with skepticism and disbelief. After all, the hero lost his main farming tool. What he got in return, though, is the reason he needed an early game farming tool in the first place. So isn’t Tinker better off now after being in a good enough spot already? Let’s take a look.

Countering ClinkzBy Duality on

Clinkz is currently terrorizing public matchmaking. Patch 7.30 saw the hero swap out his long-time attack speed buff “Strafe” for the newly created Burning Barrage. The channeling spell sends waves of physical damage that pierce units and proc all attack modifiers. In short, this spell gives Clinkz a similar mechanic to Pangolier’s Swashbuckle. Today, let's consider how to counter the Bone Fletcher.

Biggest Losers of 7.30By KawaiiSocks on

Last time, we looked at the biggest winners of the 7.30, but today’s lot isn’t as lucky. Looking at the biggest losers of the patch and comparing their direct nerfs to the actual effects on the win rate often helps identify broad meta trends that can have a disproportionate impact on certain heroes. That is exactly what we are going to do today.

Biggest Winners of 7.30By Duality on

The 7.30 patch left something to be desired for those of us hoping for sweeping changes to the game. However, the number tweaks on most heroes and some item adjustments have done enough to change the trajectory of several heroes. Before we dive into the “biggest winners” of patch 7.30, keep in mind that many of these conjectures are made from looking at the public data.

Disables Tier ListBy KawaiiSocks on

While waiting for the new data to gain significance and the latest mini-patch to have a calculable effect on the meta, we decided to do something fun: look at the Dota 2 hard disables and arrange them in a tier list. This post is definitely going to be subjective and we are not claiming otherwise, so feel free to share your opinions as well. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Patch 7.30 First ImpressionsBy Duality and KawaiiSocks on

New patch — new meta? Today we are discussing our first impressions of the 7.30 gameplay update and share our opinions on what it means for the game.

On the Importance of DispelsBy KawaiiSocks on

With a patch coming some time soon, it would be unwise to look at the current meta, so instead, we are going to concentrate on a topic that was directly and indirectly mentioned in a lot of our blog posts. It appeared in complaints, meta recaps, wishlists, and even individual hero showcases, and it made us realize how important the understanding of it is to an average player. Today, we are going to talk about dispels.

The Duo DemonBy Duality on

In our recent articles we have talked a lot about the powerful influence of the carry role in Dota. We have also discussed how many other roles have showcased heroes meant to capitalize on and enhance this carry-centric metagame. Heroes like Dark Seer, Grimstroke and Winter Wyvern perform digital judo to turn the tides and use an opposing carry against their own team. With all this in mind seems a bit of an egregious oversight at this point to not have talked about Shadow Demon. Currently sitting below 5% pick rate in every MMR bracket below Divine, Shadow Demon checks a lot of important boxes for a support.

Dealing With TinkerBy KawaiiSocks on

There are very few things in the game that are as frustrating as a well-played, late-game Tinker. With the rise of Agility hard carries, it is only natural their equally greedy counter is back in the meta, but in the end, it is all of us who have to suffer. So today we want to take some time to figure out ways of dealing with Tinker.

Dark Seer might be the answer to the metaBy Duality on

Is it possible that Dark Seer is the answer to the late game bias and slow pace of Dota's current metagame? With an overall 54% win rate, it may just be time to revisit this classic choice — as unappealing as his popularity suggests that might be!

Can Zoo be Resurrected?By KawaiiSocks on

While the Necronomicon removal was widely celebrated, it is impossible to deny that a sizable strategic layer was removed from the game. The current patch rarely allows for an immediate translation of a lane advantage into tight map control and the absence or low popularity of pushing tools is one of the big reasons. But can heavy push make a comeback without Necronomicon being reintroduced to the game?

7.30 WishlistBy Duality on

After months without a patch, Dota is due for a sizeable update. We think there are a few areas that Icefrog could tweak in addition to all the heroes in need of buffs and nerfs. Let's take a look at what we're hoping to see in patch 7.30!

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