Weekly Courier: Support players get a boost in 7.09, ESL One Katowice kicks off, Merlini and LD step back from casting Dota

This week Valve released their first mini-patch of the new release cycle, ESL One Katowice kicked off with the debut of two new CIS teams, and two legendary casters step back from Dota.

7.09 — a Quick ReviewBy KawaiiSocks on

As promised, a new version of Dota 2 was released yesterday. This new patch was a lot different to the previous one, focusing on global changes without touching any of the heroes. While the changelog might look small, it did introduce some fundamental changes that might drastically change how the game is played, especially in pubs.

Maggiore Danno a Eroi al minutoQuesta settimana
Enjoying Dota with Special SomeoneBy KawaiiSocks on

There are many ways to enjoy Dota and spectating it is one of them. For many spectating Dota became more important to actually playing it. They might no longer have time, energy or motivation to go through a full match, but they can always tune in to a twitch stream and enjoy the highest level of Dota, while going about their everyday business.

Weekly Courier: ESL One Katowice To Feature Only 4 Teams On Stage, DAC Qualifying Teams Fill Up, Na'vi Rounds Out Roster

This past week ESL addressed the community's concerns that the main event will only features 4 matches, LFY overhauled its roster, and DAC teams competed for 10 qualifying spots across 5 regions.

One Week With 7.08By KawaiiSocks on

7.08 came with a lot of minor changes, however their impact was more substantial than one could assume. A total of 23 heroes were changed in the patch, along with 11 items and the combined effect of these changes was enough to shift the meta into a slightly new direction.

Return Of The SirenBy eggs on

Naga Siren is seeing a revival in the support role, reminiscent of TI5 when EG's Naga Siren, played by Aui_2000, warranted a first phase ban. Newbee today is dominant with the hero, while her pick rate is increasing in the Chinese scene. What has changed lately to cause her rise in the meta?

Are Pangolier And Dark Willow Ready For Captain's Mode?By KawaiiSocks on

It generally takes a bit of time for heroes to make it into Captains Mode after release. The fact is — no one will know how good or bad a hero is until someone plays it in a highly competitive environment.

Weekly Courier: Newbee Takes ESL One Genting, Major CIS Roster Shuffles, and Dota Patches Have A New Release Cycle

This week Newbee took down Team Liquid for the first time in four years, IceFrog speaks, and Na'Vi and VP make major roster changes.

7.08 Balance Update Quick ReviewBy KawaiiSocks on

IceFrog himself recently tweeted about changelogs being smaller but a lot more frequent. The first part of this statement definitely holds up, as 7.08 is a rather minor gameplay patch with a variety of small changes to only a handful of heroes. However it definitely doesn’t mean the changes are insignificant.

State Of The Offlane In Today’s PubsBy eggs on

It’s a rough time to be an offlaner, especially when it comes to pub play. Without Iron Talon, without PMS, and reduced jungle XP, playing the offlane successfully often means to just not die. But there are a few approaches that can make your life in the offlane easier and more manageable.

ESL One Genting 2018 Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

ESL One Genting was a wild ride. From Facebook drama and Evil Geniuses getting back into Tier 1 shape, to Newbee getting their sweet revenge after an excruciating loss at TI7. It was an excellent tournament with fair format, good production and many memorable moments. After all, it doesn’t matter where you watch Dota, the only thing that matters is the quality of the games and ESL One certainly delivered in this regard.

Weekly Courier: Dota 2 Asia Championships Announced, ESL Genting Drama, VGJ.Thunder Takes Galaxy Battles

Final details for DAC 2018 emerged this week, Valve takes sides in the ESL Genting streaming controversy, and the VGJ.Thunder wins their first premier tournament.

Dragon Knight — What Does a Hero Truly Need?By KawaiiSocks on

Dragon Knight is not a flashy hero. The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Dragon Knight is “vanilla”. It is a hero with a stun, a nuke, an armor and regeneration passive and an ultimate that turns him into a dragon. The latter part might sound exciting on paper, but it is far from it in an actual game. At the same time, Dragon Knight remains one of the most consistent and flexible heroes in the game, frequently picked by mids who are more than willing to sacrifice their own spotlight for a better chance at victory.

Battle Fury On EveryoneBy eggs on

Since Battle Fury’s rework, it’s been an efficient damage item even outside of the bonus cleave effect. Pros have started building it on Phantom Lancer, diverging from his tried and true builds. Then once RTZ picked it up on Terrorblade, it's about time to talk about whether the item has become too strong in the meta.

The Impact Of Hex's ChangesBy KawaiiSocks on

Over two years ago, in patch 6.84, Hex received one of the biggest nerfs in the history of Dota — it stopped applying “break” mechanic to heroes, downgrading the effect from being the best disable in the game. Then 7.07 changed it in a major way, once again making Hex the ultimate hard disable.

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