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Ayano Keiko 47

    OD buff always a good thing for me


      od is going to be a monster,the spell amp and the early larger mana pool is awesome.


        Wp Kawai

        ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

          I just hope larger mana pools won't make AM comeback to meta but there's more pudge for sure
          Hmm do u think it's a nerf to storm spirit or a buff?


            gg nerf to nukers


              What i find strange is when they introduced extra move speed on agi hero they all got a base move speed reduction so now agi heroes are mostly slower then everyone early game since they didn't get such reduction.

              ـMr. PoopyBUGhole


                * Strength heroes base movement speed reduced by 5
                * Strength heroes base armor reduced by 1 (except Doom, Io, Lycan, Phoenix, Timbersaw, Tiny)
                * Intelligence heroes base strength increased by 2 (Except OD, Tinker and Bane)
                * Strength gain for the following heroes increased by 0.3: Dark Seer, Death Prophet, Ember Spirit, Leshrac, Nature's Prophet, Necrophos, Pugna, Queen of Pain, Ursa and Visage

                Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                  In short
                  Str who should tank buffed a little bit
                  Agility is nerfed
                  High int grow intel buffed (or stealer like silencer or od)

                  AWTOCHESS PLAYAH

                    rip treant base ms

                    Sharlie Cheen

                      @AutoMemoriesDoll how the hell you can tell that agility is nerfed?


                        Now, only aeon disk gives status resistance? Meh.


                          Agility definitely buffed.
                          Pretty sure Strength ends up solidly nerfed.


                            Nukers like me are happy, kaya is even more op now, 16 int + spell amp, great item indeed

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                              If the slower laning stage really happens, I'm overjoyed. I don't at all mind deathball, it can be exciting to see a game last less than 20 minutes, but I've always preferred the slower methodical pace of older Dota circa TI3. Teamfights were truly exciting back then. Now all they have to do is give us back our precious level stats option and remove the majority of unique overspecialized talents and I'll be happy.

                              But it'll not likely happen so I'll be banging on this pot for a loooong time.

                              Bazooka Joe

                                Haven't played since the patch. I just hope it won't nerf Chen games that much.


                                  Rock Paper Scissors with attributes... Dotamon is becoming a reality.

                                  just dont (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

                                    thanks for the free mmr 7.13, now i can actually play carry


                                      hahaah doesn'
                                      t help in SEA no matter how patch...players can't change hahaha


                                        That DAC finals really show Icefrog the way of that patch.. totally fast paced,even u got a fat AM he can't do much once tower are all down.. I be a long time till we see AM or farming core hero back the meta..


                                          More like a "Fortnite" :) haha... get it?.. i'm gonna leave now

                                          RIP Indo Hisashi

                                            It's not that bad tbh.


                                              Thank you Kawaiisocks for the reddit link! The spreadsheet made everything clear up. It seems that earlygame may be more influential, being that many cores can be run down now, but snowballing is much more challenging - somewhat countering the earlygame lead you may acquire through early rotations. Of all the heroes, I feel that Chaos Knight is one that will become even more strong. Already sitting at one of the highest ms in the game, even more may bump him into the "roaming" role? Hopefully, anyways. Also, Pugna is the hero with the biggest increase in spell amp, potentially making him more viable, especially with his push potential (thanks to the barracks buff, making it more important in a draft).

                                              In other news,

                                              Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 34.80% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.