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    where those "still no mention of op riki" people at now?


      nice work, this is a much more in depth article than usual. I appreciate the extra quality <3.


        It's not op.. it's people forget how to play with or against Riki... Bounty is such underrated hero.. he still provide them snowballing effect,but I do agree Riki doesn't need much item compared to bounty..

        Sleight of My Fist In You...

          riki is the single biggest cancer right now is <5k pubs


            No hand of midas into battlefury?

            .kiiwi᠌ ᠌

              At the very least it will give us a chance to persevere through such a pain in the ass in pubs. But after will never end.....


                Y is phase better than pt?


                  @DĀRTH Because later in the game you mostly use your ulti to kill anyway.. The attack speed PT provides isn't worth the cost. The extra MS Phase gives you + right click damage is better overall.

                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                    I'd venture to guess that the .2 Backstab is less favored not only because of the marginal damage output it provides (although 10% isn't really all that low of an increase), but because anything Riki can do to increase his ability to mitigate issues with his base movement speed will go a very long way.

                    Carry only

                      SEA cancers rejoice

                      Yorak Hunt

                        Why not tranquils?

                        Is It Secret?

                          Another poorly written article. Don't read this trash if you're looking for actual insight or strategy. First couple paragraphs and I'm already done. "Many people thought his new ult was a nerf" bich what? Few people said that. Now you go claim you're the fucking pioneer of this shit.
                          Awful dying website I can't believe I even came back to this trash

                          Radiant Creep Alphas

                            ^guy above had last game as riki and got roflstomped prepatch; NA=salt

                            Go! Go! Zeppeli!

                              People whinning about riki why not ban him?


                                Riki feels too slow, and too weak early on to get those crucial early kills boosting to level 6 (where hopefully you can manage some solo picks). I'm surprised the article didn't talk about battle fury, something I've seen several rikis in my games pick up (yes I am 2k scrub and I love my community). Especially with the new function of his ult, I feel that getting fast cleave could be beneficial in team fights. Getting items is extremely hard as riki and, even if given just the space for a few creep waves, battle fury could make a net worth difference. Regardless, anyone picking Riki or Techies receives a ban post-game by yours truly.

                                In other news,

                                Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 35.24% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


                                  The problem for pubs is always coordination, and playing against a Riki requires two people to coordinate against him in lane, and usually 3 to deal with him after that. .... I'm sure high level pubs can do it, but not mine (if the Riki is any good).

                                  WDNMD-SOLIII Materialist

                                    whatever first ban


                                      Need Morph on Riki

                                      tang ina mo

                                        alway ban riki especially when u smurf in archon or guardian bracket , riki cant be countered in lower bracket cause thy ignore true sight and dust

                                        ZG God MadMind [SorrowTale]

                                          Countering Riki is kinda easy: just pick Techies and everything is fine :)
                                          Bombs in good positions all over the side of one lane you wish to protect. This way your carry can farm unhindered,andevllg anksar e doomed to fail. works well against rikis low movement Speed, and thus it decreases the area where he can effectivly roam.
                                          So your Supports dont Need to speend so much Gold in true sight and so on.....


                                            people think the reason why riki is op is because he is invi all time, guys, the problem is his ultimate: an insane amount of damage, and insane duration, he is invulnerable while using, and insane low cd


                                              Riki is by far the most cancerous hero. U get some noob and feed, u lose all the momentum. If got pro riki, team just gets carried. Autoban, autopick riki and zeus, thats the meta.
                                              For this patch one reason why intel heroes are buffed is because other heroes cant make use of spell amp. Intel cores like lina are now coming into meta


                                                all yall are noobs in divine 0 riki is so nice 1st every one buys sentrys for safelane and mid then you either get ur sentrys and bait theirs or just leave the lane and now their supports is in the minus for buying sentrys and dust and they dont have the lane sentried, then you steal their bountys Lmao.

                                                drives them crazy.


                                                  yeah, I see supports tilt regularly when you leave the lane and go for their jungle rotated core or collab with mid for a gank.


                                                    How did LFY. Ah FU learned ult lvl 2 on hero level 11 not 12?


                                                      @NekoTheSpook he skilled it at the same time as you can see (26:49), so he probably got 2 lvl in a very short time by a won teamfight for example. He was already level 12, but skilled it as 11th ult and then smoke, you know?


                                                        I feel like the one thing this article missed out on was mentioning Riki's Aghs in teamfights. With this you can move inside a tanky target while your ult lasts a whopping 10 seconds. The mileage you can get from this is insane


                                                          @Blueye to be honest the aghs i see rarely built, If we are talking about late game rikis i usually see a diffusal + mini stun builds from skull basher into abbysall and MKB. Reason being is it prevents any escape, and the extra damage from the items tends to kill even the tankiest heroes. No point in building an aghs for an ulti that has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Especially when team fighting. As the riki will be in his ulti your team has no other choice but to burst the enemy heroes that can be targeted, now after a bunch of you have died and killed the others, your skills are on cooldown and riki then comes and destroys you.

                                                          If you are versing a line up that is decent throughout all stages of the game early-mid-late and they also have a riki, it's worth-wile destroying him early and possibly building into an abbysal and initiate/destroy him late game as it will be necessary to prevent him from using ulti during team fights. This means you need to build initiation and have wards everywhere so your team can spot him on the map anytime anywhere. So yeah pretty aids hero. His Ulti is cancer this META.