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    The MMR grind hero...


      Please, don't let Slark become what we nerfed him for in the first place. It was all too much.

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      THE 1

        YEAY 3rd

          Balancing DotA around pubs is just stupid. If Slark needs buffs to be competitively viable, then buff him. If they can buff him in ways that make him better in pro matches without making him too good in pubs, then even better. If they can't, then he can just be OP in pubs, big deal.

          Jack Attack

            Slark used to be my biggest nightmare and a first phase ban for me (Just annoying). He hasn't been relevant for almost a year now and even with these buffs he still feels super weak.


              Navi just won 2 games against vp with slark :))

              Sleight of My Fist In You...

                what is this brain damaged bdsm guy on about. how many of the dota 2 player population are pros? this game sustains itself from the money that regular average joes spend on it and if the regular joes dont play this game any more boom even your thick skull can figure out what happens then

                competitive play is fine but pubs is how this game makes has to be first and foremost a game that the non pro player can enjoy pretty much any game out there has to be...too much bdsm might be retarding your cognitive abilities


                  Hahaha.. his Def annoying but ain't op..

                  Baba Yaga™

                    The fuck is this?


                      @I <3 BDSM

                      Makes sense to balance the game around the twenty people watching eSports rather than the 10 million people playing the game!

                      HERNAN A.K.A IDOLO

                        He's a balanced hero. I don't know what people in the commend expects, a 70% winrate to say slark is balanced and playable. I think he could use a couple more buffs, but nothing too greedy


                          Star will be back when he counters the meta of the week heroes. Just like everybody else.

                          Cute Anime Girl~★

                            Yeah don't worry valve I like dying every single minute and spending all my gold on detections, buff him up some more. thank you

                            Oh and force staff could use another nerf too btw


                              Slark was never a problem in my games, just in need of a few counter-picks. Really in 2k there aren't too many slark players, just slark spammers that thought they were good. With nerfs to battlefury I'm interested to see if midas will become the go-to. Combined with nerfs to tower bounty, fighting is even more attractive for carries, making slark even more viable. I think Slark needs a bit more than these buffs to be seen in pro games, but it's most certainly a step in the right direction.

                              In other news,

                              Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 32.57% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


                                Slark is a hero!


                                  @greentoa123 what? magno 32% wr ? just let u know , db calculated items wr IN THHE END OF MATCH


                                    Guys slark is so op right now in 7.14 go get aquila and you can spam your dark pact try it yourself


                                      @EternaLEnVy fangay I'm well aware. That's why you buy them at the end of the match to make a statement - to give the item the regards it's due. Thank you for your concern!

                                      Spotlight uh Moonlight uh...

                                        Suck Flark

                                        verified vexillophile

                                          I feel like this post was made before 7.14. Feel like the meta has shifted. Talking about OD on the up and up when u look at his winrate over the past week its the opposite. Just look at epicentre slark is a hot pick right now with crystallize picking it and VP following suit. I guess this the issue with writing articles like this. The information changes almost daily. Good write up either way.


                                            agree with verified vex comment. OD has fallen off since his peak earlier in April. Still great in pubs though.


                                              Es realmente increible como a pesar del nerf en referencia al hex y falta de mejoras en esto heroe se esta encmaninando a estar en la meta

                                              aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                wonldn't you get tired about the mango win rate stuff =.=


                                                  удолите его из доты

                                                  fps 30


                                                    < blank >

                                                      fck this broken sht

                                                      next patch -> nerf regen and welcome back to trench

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                                                      all hero challenge

                                                        This broken hero is ripping pubs again every time a see him picked i want to throw up

                                                        Black Capped Chickadee

                                                          Simple: before picking just all chat: if you dare to Pick either IO or Slark. I am going for Techies and make your life miserable ez.


                                                            counter it with void basic


                                                              смотря как играть им, мой друг 12к ммр на нем апнул и забыл про него...

                                                              Frizbee Alert

                                                                I liked the one that said dota shouldn't balance itself around the pub meta. That one was cute