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    Am i the first comment ?

    Well envy always be a surprise for both team and enemies team. But the chance he is going to surprise his team is more than 50% :)

    Fuck party, solo is REAL MMR

      EE risks it all? Yeah that somes up how he plays and his attittude to every other human being too


        EE can instantly be a star and can instantly be a retard. it's just not his time yet I believe, I watched some of his matches. A lot of skills that no one has ever pulled and some skills that even retard can't do. And i am still pissed at him for having a Pizza Party with Ohaiyo.

        G.W Honors

          No matter how much you pinoys simpathize universe is better than ohaiyo. This year is the best chance for EE to win TI or get 2nd place atleast.


            Team Serenity is probably the team I'm most interested in seeing as I didn't watch their performance at the qualifiers.


              “Abed it an extremely talented player...”


              Fnatic looks very strong right now...

              Jogando de luva pq tá frio

                W33 is not actually the leader, he is just there playing his pubs.

                Appendix Vermiformis

                  EE is a big risk taker in his draft. But mostly it doesn't pay off. EE can do better if he play on a smaller scale of draft (but not to the point where he spam TB and Razor). Both Universe and Ohaiyo is a good offlane but both have different playstyle. Unlike universe who prefer semi-aggresive tempo offlane, ohaiyo prefer innitiating (somewhat passive) hero. EE also stated that he prefer universe playstyle which also complement with abed's playstyle. Nevertheless its pretty cruel too "use" ohaiyo to win katowice major qualifier

                  can play turbo

                    and there is EE lmao

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                      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                        Fnatic has some of the best players on all of their positions, and then there is EE. Respecccc EE


                          Jacky LMAO always sucks


                            He can surprise either his enemy or his team, so the probability is fiftEE/fiftEE.

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                                900th .


                                  Just alliance <3

                                  Ding! Ding! Ding ! mothaf...

                                    poor EE

                                    gg(1.9k solommr)

                                      what about EG? arent they dark horses?


                                        r e s p e c c e n v y