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    cant gank the enemy while theyre farming? just outfarm them! 200 IQ


      well it works

      2B Weebs Die Twice 

        just roam with AM. abuse what's relevant about him KeK


          gjxnb gthdsq


            I am number 5!


              +400 к дальности блинка? вы шо поехавшие?

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                Is he? What

                Jack Attack

                  Thanks, now all my teammates will pick him and I absolutely despise this hero on my team.. all because u wrote an article.

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                    What a andy sex penisless hero was posted //_-


                      Congratz to our beloved dotabuff and Kawaiisocks for ruining a hero that’s in perfect state. When people start to think AM is good , retards will start 1st picking AM and people who can’t play AM will start picking him (I’ll just pick AM and farm 6 slot in jungle for 30 mins LOL) . AM has high winrate because people only pick him as a situational 4/5th pick on a perfect scenario ,nothing like old TB/Spectre which you can 1st pick in pro games.


                        how to play am :
                        1st pick AM
                        Lose in lane
                        Flame support for not warding eventhough there is literally 2 wards that cover most spot on his lane
                        Supports aren't allowed to do pulling eventhough the creep equilibrium already broken to enemy favor and get flamed for leeching XP
                        Eventhough the supports can't do anything coz enemy dual lanes and if he try to zone them, AM would still meditating at the creep trying to last hit and even if AM blinked to help, AM cant do anything because of his skill build.
                        Get battlefury and basic boot/ PT at 17 mins - 22 mins into the game.
                        Lose if enemy pushed within 25 minutes into the game (which is mostly what I experienced when have teammate am)
                        Win if enemy can't penetrate high ground and AM afk-farming + rat for 25 mins - 30 mins and push after he become 6-slotted.

                        I absolutely hate this hero... so annoying both to his team and his enemies.
                        His team need to deal disadvantageous war because AM was never there while
                        the enemies need to deal with pesky blinks and bullshit manaburn and magic resistance

                        or perhaps the most common thing --- Am farm all times only to get oneshotted by PA with deso basher bkb


                          He is situational and the extra base damage and manta price drop were nice buffs a few months back.


                            Well, I cant deny AM pick was extremely good against full nuker lineup with less hard disable, but mostly it's just get picked against normal lineup which isn't that good.

                            Full nuker lineup without stun that get punished hard by AM was usually :
                            Zeus, Phoenix, Skywrath, CM, Undying, Huskar, Pugna, Dazzle, Oracle, IO, Gyro, Leshrac, Lina, Storm


                              Its because you fucking nerfed RIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


                                Blink range is NOT an obvious choice. Do dotabuff editors even check the stats of the hero? You can check overall stats of talents right HERE on website, as well as you can look into guides on AM page to see high-mmr players trends. And this choice is not straightforward at all. In fact, agility is picked more than blink range.
                                This really undermines my perception of the following dotabuff articles.

                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                  If you look to the right side of the page you'll see that the blink range is currently beating out the agi in both categories in the past 7 days, which is the timeframe this article is focusing on, save for Wednesday which has barely started in the States. Some clarification would be appreciated as to the four talents listed as having 90% pick rate, but going out on a limb here, it could be an over-exaggeration to prove a point. It's also worth noting that these articles usually focus on high mmr brackets and pros, and as far as I could tell, the talent page doesn't break the statistics up into brackets, instead lumping the first timers in with Xboct. It's also difficult to justify an argument based on 20 cherry-picked games, so really what I'm saying is that I would love a lot more levels of detail, find that middle ground that tells the right story behind the claims of this article.

                                  I see you have more than a couple games with AM, do you prefer the agi/ is this why you picked this specific piece to contest?

                                  火炎 祓 濯

                                    Игра не топчется на месте, потому что она блять по уши в говне.

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                                    No ChingChongs allowed

                                      There's no point in picking -2.5 s blink without taking 400 range. And since -2.5s is so op u always take it so u need 400 range. Thats how simple it is


                                        If you're considering pick Anti-Mage, be wary of the instant Terrorblade counterpick.

                                         A м ı к o.

                                          enemy not deward if u not ward :)


                                            7.+ is the worst for supp player every supp got nerfed

                                            PERFECT TOAST

                                              I think this is the worst article I've seen on Dotabuff in a long time.

                                              There was absolutely no need to write an article on a hero who has just been doing the same old crap for years. There's no point in writing this... and the blink range talent isn't even a dominating choice. The agility talent is. The only time I see that picked is up against a Bloodseeker because you can then safely blink away from him while Ruptured since the range exceeds the 1300 cap. Which, by the way, is complete bull shit because he is the ONLY hero who can even do that (besides maybe QoP, I'm not entirely sure).


                                                Terrorblade is not an anti mage counter pick, unless opponent have a shit ton of way to deal with splitpush.

                                                Am coming back is a very simple indicator of carry being (overall) underpower (again). And if the am trend is going on for long enough, we're going to see some luna again

                                                edit : @PERFECT TOAST
                                                Qop can do it (need max range into spam click for a movement, as the max range of the blink is exactly the threshold range of rupture)

                                                But a lot of hero can also do it with blink + range talent, or simply blink + aether lens

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                                                  Pos 4 AM gotta try that.

                                                  Cute Anime Girl~★

                                                    Wait what? Why does 1st picking AM happen in 5k bracket lol even down here they usually pick last


                                                      Write a post about Lich. Literally so strong right now, especially in lane. I just spam the hero and win almost all my games.

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                                                        KYA MRD

                                                        Chao Vritra

                                                          funny that this gets posted the day after I had a brutal 80 minute loss to an antimage. Not blaming the hero, I definitely could have played better, but feel he should not be so strong so late. I always viewed him as an alch type carry, not the hardest late game hero, but will get 6 slotted before most carries


                                                            go try am pos 4 it works!!

                                                            VERY rusty dota player

                                                              testing something ignore this


                                                                The reason why the AS talent is preferred, is because it fastens your farming abilities. If you are ganked, you will die eitherway +180 hp or not, and for you it is important to hit your core items as fast as possible.

                                                                zez kus'

                                                                  АЛЕ БЛЯТЬ
                                                                  ЭТА ХУЙНЯ ПИКАЕТСЯ У МЕНЯ НА 9-10 ПИК И РУИНИТ ВСЕ ИГРЫ БЕЗ ИСКЛЮЧЕНИЯ. ХОРОШ ОН БЛЯТЬ


                                                                    Nice article


                                                                      nc article <3


                                                                        Anti-mage counters TB now. Since Sunder is no longer 0 mana cost



                                                                          dont make me lane. Me jungle

                                                                            Right. So many pros in chat. GG