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    1st lol


      yeah tusk


        Tusk is also extremely popular on high mmr for a good reason: his lvl 1 Tag Team is disgustingly unbalanced and he stays unbalanced for a couple of lvls.

        As long as Tusk is with someone else, lvl 1 Tag Team is equivalent to 5 seconds of 75% perma-slow and moreless 50% damage increase. On lvl 1 pretty much nobody has anything to be able to survive that. On lvl 2 he also gonna come at you by surprise with Snow Ball and bring his teammate with him. On lvl 3 or 4 in addition to that he also gonna block your path so you can’t run away.

        The only reason he is not completely broken is because his ultimate is a rather mediocre short stun skill and Tag Team doesn’t scale with his or his teammates damage. After lvl 7 he becames less and less relevant as people get skills and items to deal with his Tag Team.

        So the hero scales poorly but his early game is completely broken. Tusk simply destroys anyone who is left alone for more than 5 seconds in early lvls.

        I really don’t understand why they made Tag Team give plus raw damage instead of something more normal and balanced like minus armor or plus %damage.

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          So, no talk about Sven?

          सिद्धार्थ পাল

            Major will be real decider of the meta flow.


              Noo, now everyone knows how disgusting Tusk's tag team is... the nerf hammer coming soon... Personally, I think the worst thing about tag team is the 15 scnds CD and low manacost. As for the damage and the slow, it's OP but only if trilaning, just like the old AA's Chilling Touch

              Бета тестер скрытого пула

                As top 40 Tusk player,I would like to express my own opinion about this hero.

                Sure,he has become really powerful compared with OLD VERSION, but all in all his winrate is still low.You need to play a lot of matches to understand how to use skills properly,good reaction is vitally important too.Powerful lanes can also turn off Tusk from game easily.For example,Juggernaut+Grim or Troll+Undying(and other meta heroes).

                His very main main advantage is his broken Tag Team which allows to dominate and win lane,but after 15-20 minutes,when he has already maxed the third skill and got main items(PT/Phase+Blink/Vessel),he is becoming less useful with every minute.So,in patch 7.20,the patch,when you finish in 20 mins or go to the deep late,Tusk is IMHO one of the most ambiguous heroes.His pick depends on many factors and Valve definitely need to do smth with him.

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                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  You know I just don't think there was any solid reason to change the way KotL worked. There were some teams that really understood the pace of the hero, but it's still a case where the support dictates the draft picks more than any other slot. I think the new ulti is AWESOME in concept, and has shown moments of greatness, but the fact that the old man can't set and forget his blasts anymore removes the mobility he relied on so much. Having access to blinding light at all times is certainly nice...kind of...but this article highlights the correct thing: KotL doesn't have enough windows of opportunity to capitalize on what he has to offer.


                    RIP. ma boy Kotl

                    since 7.20 worse and Overrated^1000


                      dark seer is just simply an alien hero for low skilled player like me, for me visage and beastmaster are more easier to play than dark seer lol


                        dark seer skills dont have synergy. Sure vaccum can be used on wall of replica to bring heroes closer, but thats it. Ion shell and surge kinda comes from nowhere. Enigma is similar that only magnetic field and black hole have synergy while malefice and demonic conversion are unrelated

                        The difference is that black hole kills everyone while wall of replica does a whole bunch of nothing

                        Valve will eventually give up on trying to buff wall of replica and give him more usable skills

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                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                          It's ok for heroes to have only half of a combo, but I don't think I see his skills as unsynergistic. Vacuum and surge can both be used as offensive and defensive positioning tools, and wall/ion shell capitalize on the advantageous positioning. Wall is a lot more powerful than I think you are giving it credit for, considering you can control the illusions created. That's a lot of extra right click damage you can put out, and even if you die you can control the illusions to push the lane.

                          Gym 5 days, Rest 2 days

                            No bloodseeker in sight.

                            He just had a major rework to his skills. Completely ignored. Think that might be a clue about how underpowered he is.