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Pawley Lequa

    first :)


      buying drums and midas can be reasonable but how would you justify phase boots over pt?
      were we playing this wrong the whole time?

      Frodo Swaggins

        you mean +6 agility, not +8


          Clinkz is many times better than slark now. Slark still struggles for being a single target based carry.


            Phase over pt whenever u ned armor


              i became very enthusiastic about slark once i saw ramzes playing him. Indeed he requires good laning stage otherwise kinda hard




                  No (word count)


                    Yay, my least favourite hero! (expect techies, but he's not really a hero)


                      Drums also tackles one of Slark's biggest issue, which is mana regen. With an additional 1.25 mana regen, you can pretty much stay in the map constantly using your Dark Pact to farm creeps. Building shadow blade for Slark early is actually kind of bad in my opinion. Below 2k it might work, but once a slark picks up a Shadow Blade if the enemy team has a semi-decent support then most likely they would look to counter that shadow blade pick up. Sure it might secure you 1-2 kills when you reveal it, but it's only a matter of time till the enemy starts buying sentries(If their half-decent), so opting to go for stats, mana regen and mobility like drums to diffusal is for me a way more stable build path. While yes it may vary game to game depending on the line up, generally i found good success in using the drums-diffusal-bkb/basher path.


                        do an article on Beastmaster, most underated hero in dota and my main


                          завтра виха я в кетаи


                            attack speed and stats are way more important than phase boots


                              good slark player will not buy shadowblade this patch, coz it hasnt good value for slark anymore. just go straight midas-difusal-sangeyasha/bkb-basher.

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                                says the guardian ^^


                                  How good is viper offlane vs slark?

                                  swap commends

                                    viper too bad,50 dmg vs slark 76(with qb),he can only use nethertoxin but he will always push the lane,after slark bkb viper will be just a
                                    piece of feed for him,viper cannot solo kill slark,cannot harass,cannot lasthit,he can only disable his passive before bkb and push the lane


                                      Lol its funny how this turned out


                                        What about skadi instead of basher?

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