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    People that write "first" are losers. Having said that, nice article

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    Rand al'Thor

      Pugna's shard is so horrible, I don't know how that made it in. I would love something more creative like Nether Ward casts a Decrepify wave every few seconds or something.

      Carpe Burrito

        Am I missing one, or did you just write about 4 shards?


          What about timbers?? Lmao.


            How does one shift queue a blink dagger as Tinker if it's already on cd?

            HoT Ho11oW PoiNT

              @Carpe Burrito

              Everyone knows OD's shard is the fifth one but it's so bad they don't even want to talk about it


                What about Hoodwink? I think even valve forgot about it....


                  I find it funny when a support main that doesn't play tinker writes stuff about tinker.

                  First, lens and talent DO make it work. It almost doubles the cast range (400->725), and you should get both almost every game regardless.
                  Second, you don't need to pre-shield everyone. You shield one or two allies that go in and call it a day.
                  Third, 12 seconds is definitely not a short duration. You pre-cast it on yourself before TPing into a lane, and by the time it expires you are already back to fountain.

                  Regarding that DoT commentary. I guess players at immortal are not required to know that you can't shift queue anything that is on cooldown. Euls is the last thing than could help you against fast tickrate DoTs. 2.5<3, and fast tickrate implies that it will 100% damage you right before and after euls. Matrix, on the other hand, is precisely what helps you blink out of damage, since barely any DoT has enough damage to break it in 1 second.

                  And you didn't even mention 40% status resistance once, which hepls a lot against orchid and hex initiations that don't break the shield right away.

                  Tinker's shard is pretty good, you just need to adapt to play with it.


                    I was thinking more of the dispel effect on Eul's, as most DoT effects are dispellable.
                    Regarding the shift-q, not sure whether it will work if you q the blink while the dagger isn't broken, and it gets broken afterwards. You are right in assuming I don't really play tinker, but I did my research looking at high level pubs and guides section on Dotabuff, where no one builds shard on Tinker, then applying my logic and reasoning on why no one builds it. I might be wrong and I've been really wrong before, but for the most part I don't think it fits the hero, at least not in higher level games.


                      I think people just don't want to experiment with it tbh. While i agree it's not a priority slot like lens or hex, it's still pretty cheap for a powerfarmer like tinker. Situationally it's pretty useful.

                      And no, if any part of a shift queue goes on cooldown, it won't get repeated


                        On arc warden?Best shard ever))

                        Gurin Jeimuzu

                          Feedback for this piece. I would have appreciated a small but accurate description of what each shard actually does rather than some vague points about it.
                          Most people dont play a wide range of heroes (myself included) to know what each of these shards are well enough.

                          Jugo Boss

                            I see Tinker's shard as a way of helping his team go high ground after he gets all the items he needs, you cast it on the guy that hits high ground, it gets broken and you cast it on him again, let's put in into perspective: It's 45 minutes in and your Troll with aegis is going high ground, you as Tinker don't help with that at all more than just casting your spells on the few heroes you have vision of, while your Troll is getting repeteadly stunned you give him 40% status res and mitigate some damage, that definitely addresses one of Tinker's issues, and it doesn't have any downside because you get it very late at the time where it actually serves a purpose.

                            You are definitely not buying it to cast it on yourself, l hope that's clear to all of you.

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                              OD's shard is one where if its cooldown was zero, and you keep casting it, you end up with 1 hp and mana:)


                                Lich's shard is actually not that bad. Being able to solo kill cores like invoker, when a good invoker can solo 5 others in herald bracket seems like a good trade off. Warlock's channeling slow is even more useless than Lich's shard, which means that if a shard is more powerful than a single skill others have, it is either the shard is broken or the skill is useless. Lastly if you have to get a shard in order to replace a talent that was lost, might as well delete the shard altogether, rip Sven's shard.

                                Shogun's Decapitator

                                  Theory crafting and opinions disguised as a guide and facts.

                                  I guess if your specialty is stating the obvious it isn't hard to be correct most of the time though.


                                    I don't see the reason why you think Magnus's shard was only made for what pro players can "already do". There are, of course, more important pickups. But some sort of position changing ability is always situational and more so good than not. Did you also forget that it has a stun? It can be a way to cancel tps without using his RP or Skewer.


                                      I am against removing the cooldown reduction of the third skill from aghanim for Magnus. I got 43 kills on it in one game.


                                        1.4k just to cancel tps? Cool, maybe I get that after my 9 slots of items that I desperately need as a magnus

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