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Man Blanket

    Frankly I still think Hoodwink was the most uninspired and disappointing hero to release in the history of dota. After such a long spell of nothing valve swoops in and nerfs offlane Bloodseeker, which was the most fun I've ever had playing dota, and they drop this turd on us. "New hero? Idk. I fapped to a R34 fur fan art of Windranger last night. Let's just do that." FFS they already had Aghanim finished! Voice lines, models, animations, everything. He blinks, does a gemmy thing channel thing, does a laser channel thing, throw in a passive, make his aghs steal an ability. There ya go, an int hero that can flex ps 2 or 4. It's like we ordered cherry pie and got a bologna sandwich instead.


      maybe his aghs upgrade or aghs shard could be this, so when hoodwink used acorn shot, it will bounce and will grow a tree on every hero bounced, or maybe scurry could pass through terrains


        I’d like to see a shard that makes the knock back from her ult even bigger, and an aghs that makes her vision reduction from the stun have a lingering effect


          HW didn't need to spend money for gleipner, You better build maelstorm+linken for a little durable while jumping into trees.


            She's been my main hero since she was released. She's definitely a 4, at a push a 3. She has so much utility, she can deal a lot of aoe damage, has a relatively low cd disable, that is admittedly a bit of a skill shot and an ult that is good for initiating a fight or finishing off a fleeing enemy, particularly invis heroes. Add to that a decent escape and she's ideal as a 4, particularly since with her first 2 abilities she can easily get some farm after the laning stage. I have to say though, I would never buy blink on her, she needs to run around the outskirts of teamfights, not blink into the middle of them