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        Third ... wait I don't think this is very popular.
        No wait I googled the issue. Dota 2 Anime is on Netflix now. All the simps are watching cartoons.
        Weaver is a damn good second Carry and tower destroyer. Pretty much every low HP high DPS range hero :) Like sniper is the worst and most picked by new comers.

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          What? The dotabuff team actually reads the comments and listened to my suggestion? Amazing! Or perhaps it was a mere coincidence.

          The Ancient One

            Can you make a guide on pos. 5 Puck before april 9th please?


              Weavers mobility just sky rocketed with neutral items, especially Spider Legs. It's really annoying to have a Weaver entering and leaving in such a high move speed.

              JungleNaut [Washed]

                I agree that weaver is getting stronger but i honestly just build maelstrom straight up after a wand and maybe a wraith band, hero doesnt need power treads due to his w, I also lean away from going falcon blade and end up buying clarities helps weaver jungle in harder lanes, I don't think that makes falcon blade a must. I like the use of invis for newcomer more than lets say on riki, bounty or clinkz to learn to be more aggressive with the invis but the hero requires a bit of thinking, double edged blade with weaver

                divine actor

                  i think treads is good on weaver bcs the ms bonus is not like in the past where using shukuchi would simply be a haste, this just give weaver bonus ms, and with treads he will be much more mobile with the bonuses


                    too easy to countered. Enough said


                      weaver is damn strong for a while but if u pick him in the wrong matchup its probably not gonna work..
                      but when it is the right game to choose its just gg my build usually( depense on the game) 2 wraith band + wand or raindrop if needed>treads>deso>linken/bkb>glapnier>/rapier/mkb/satanic..
                      usually u want to get deso asap beacuz when u get deso u can kill every 1 on the map look for outposition targets.
                      he also make a lot of space!!
                      1 more thing hes shard is op learn to use it smart

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                      the Ape of the Hour

                        Weaver is best as a pos 5, you max e and rush crimson. Enough said

                        Titanius Anglesmith


                          hyjevas. euvev

                            yes, this is the shit

                            Pit lord

                              The only problem with weaver for newcomers is: is hard to LH with ranged heroes. The first 2 waves are the worst.

                              VI KA

                                безполезный глист