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    I clicked on one of the articles and saw: "[missing hero: outworld-devourer]"


      Would like to note that there's outdated information sprinkled throughout some of the older posts, such as force staff and flame break being able to cancel channels...
      I get that this post is meant to help those coming in, but I'm worried some of this stuff might lead to further confusion...

      浦飯 幽助

        half assed dotabuff articles? shocking!


          That's just the nature of Dota: things change all the time. I think our articles are usually less: "do this because we said that" and more of "you can think about this in that way and make your own conclusions". Some of the information in the older blogs is going to be factually wrong, but the underlying logic is what is more important.

          Fixed the Obsidian/Outworld Destroyer/Devourer guy in the "Intro to Mid" post)

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