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Nice Shoes. They both yours?

    1st! Very cool! Nice work!


      Нафига оно нада

      Brünk Hüll

        Oh good, you've successfully created a pay-to-win service for a game that is supposed to be free of such actions in the name of pure competition. Cut it any way you want, but you literally said people forget stuff so you've created a helping hand to remind you of runes, catapults etc. That's information that a good player knows and a bad one doesn't.

        Keep. It. Out. Of. The. Game.


          LMFAO @Brünk Hüll Literal 3 digit MMR player trying to say how the game should work, Go back to bots bro lmfao haha

          Brünk Hüll


            This isn't a pissing contest; I suck at playing the game because I forget those exact little things all the time. But I'm not about to pay my way to a higher level, and I would think you'd thank me for that instead of arguing for worse players to be handed an easier way into your ranks without having the underlying ability to understand it.


              Dont worry, remembering to do that stuff doesnt get you from 0k to 2k

              you just suck at everything mechanicaly

              jesus cat

                bro reached divine and thinks he's so good at this game lol


                  @Brunk Hull

                  I get where you're coming from, but I feel like all of these features are very useful for people who are newer to the game / starting out / don't invest the majority of their time to learn all these niche timings/knowledge. The higher you go up the ranks the more players think of ability builds/item builds from looking at the line ups and how the lanes are going etc. I'm not sure if having this feature alone will be responsible for lifting several players up ranks easily.


                  You're just the classic "superior Divine" chode. Sounds like you need to grow up.


                    If you guys think dota is balanced only by skill, try playing on a crappy laptop vs good gaming PC. Or just with a buggy mouse. That's 500 mmr swing right there.

                    For me Overwolf did not help much, i doubt this app will help either, but if it does help YOU to get better - GLHF :)

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                      people forgot the purpose of games!

                      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                        @Greatlubu --> lol this dude probably put his Divine rank in his resume and still jobless right now

                        I have seen Brunk Hull around in Dotabuff articles for quite a while and he always give constructive comments although low-ranked. A cool guy.


                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          @keyvan you rarely play Dota for "fun", you play Dota to win.
                          You tend to play other less competitive games for fun and play less Dota when you are mid-20 :X


                            can we have a mobile app version of this?

                            Slim Shady

                              Guys who never touch poos seek confirmation through winning in a video game

                              I have hairy nuts

                              Dirty D Dirt

                                how to actually move the box with the timer. Its blocking my purchases.


                                  same problem for me, i can't remove the in-game overlays, it's blocking my in-game mouse controls.

                                  i already unticked the "show in-game assistant"


                                    ok nevermind, other than ctrl + x, you can also use alt + z