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    Your Dad's Dildo

      first? nvm

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      pos 5 boosting service

        i wish they will buff a little guardian wisp
        i am 2nd btw

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        stats the Farron GS

          Wouldn't be a KawaiiSocks article without some bashing of Neutral Items.

          But still quality piece my friend, keep it up!

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            We should have picks and bans to neutrals. Period.

            Brünk Hüll


              5 tiers, 5 items per team, if you include bans, that's at least a 75 point pick/ban session.

              Slark Suρρort

                Slark lvl 20 talent should change from attack speed to movement speed.


                  Neutral Items are the cancer of this game.

                  Veridis Quo

                    Nerf LD and Brist


                      Allow LD bear to be speared by mars please.

                      Rex Omnes

                        I would love for cheese heroes such as Meepo, Brood, and Bat to be buffed.

                        Deaf, Mute & Blind

                          add a new hero, a second Rosh-like thing down river and sideshops.

                          Player 167389088

                            pls remove neutral items + helm of overlord (retarded item)
                            lower cost for guardian greaves and pipe

                            Pigeon ( °□°) ︵

                              Do NOT remove neutral items lmao


                                I'm all for removing neutrals from the game, or allowing a person to choose what neutral item they want.

                                gus gus

                                  If a hero has a winrate of 55% like juggernaut then they need to be balanced.


                                    4P1 meta please