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    Wanna know what are the 5 best hard support heroes this patch that can make a great impact in early and late games. Considering also in High Skill bracket

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      i<3BMS(rhymtm gamer)!!

        Isn't shaman quite a greedy support?


          jakiro also belongs there imo...cut out ww

          Beautiful Bones

            Warlock is still great, winter, Oracle(very situational) great burst early and one of the best defensive skills ever in game. Disruptor csn change tide of war greatly with kinetic field and glimpse. And don't forget cm.

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            Altered Beast

              Dazzle is the best support. You literally prevent people from dying FOR 5 SECONDS. UncleNox how is that balanced UncleNox

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                  lich visage disruptor jakiro witch doctor


                    lich raptor ww jak silencer

                    Aran Maleq

                      Winter Wyvern

                      Winter Wyvern

                      Winter Wyvern

                      Jack Attack

                        Winter wyvern
                        Shadow shaman


                          What could be the best items for these heroes at start?


                            Best for LANE support.


                            .. Shadow Shaman, Disruptor are not good lane support. Best used roaming and setting up ganks, however they can do well if against solo off lane enemy. Once it gets thick though, against a trilane or duel lane, they're no good for LANE SUPPORTING and you're going to want one of the 5 mentioned.


                              To me Oracle, Disruptor and Bane
                              They don't need any item to be extremely relevant in a team fight.


                                Shadow Shaman

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                                Dire Wolf

                                  Without knowing enemy picks probably lich, cm (yes cm), and jakiro.

                                  CM is not the strongest lane support with low armor and super low dmg, but with a stun and a slow you can win a lane easily enough by outright killing enemy. Plus the aura is still just so good. She still has a very high pub winrate.

                                  Lich dominates lanes. Frost armor, sacrifice plus his nuke spam. Just such a lane winner. Problem is he doesn't do a lot outside of this, as his ult is easy to break up, and armor scales really nicely into late game but only vs right clicks. In pubs though winning those lanes is usually enough. You can run him offlane too to punish enemy carries.

                                  Jakiro is another big lane winner due to his orb but he also does decent tower damage.

                                  Other picks like AA and wyvern I think are more situational to counter enemy heroes. Disruptor depends more on your team, since he has pretty bad damage and is all cc, you want your team to be able ot supply dmg.


                                    CM, DAZZLE, SKYWRATH, WARLOCK, LICH


                                      skywrath support?
                                      what about necro? i like him as babysitter...


                                        Lich ult isn't useless, it causes people to position completely differently if used in the right moment, and any time that people have to do something other than "kill your team" in a teamfight is a good thing. Phoenix egg forces people to attack it if they don't want to be dealth huge AoE stun and dot damage. Lich ult is kind of the same. Yes, you can disposition out of it, but if you initiate onto Lich's team, and he has his ult ready, you might suffer.

                                        Dire Wolf

                                          I didn't say it was useless, but it's not on the same level as like tidehunter or enigma or warlock as a team fight ult. Even witch dr and cm's ults usually do a ton more dmg, they just have to position better.

                                          At least lich's ult he can always safely get off. And actually works really well when catching a solo player as the cast range is long and the slow is strong. Though it used to be even better with the mini stun to interrupt tps.

                                          +35 frost armor to buildings is quite ridiculous though if you go super late game. I'd definitely want something like invoker, lich, sniper, medusa/drow in my ultra mega vs megas game.

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                                          River in the desert

                                            Lich SB riki

                                            BIG fan of Jophy

                                              Winter "Cr1t-" Wyvern

                                              Beautiful Bones

                                                @butki skywrath is amazing support early game its just that it's easy to counter his skill set with item when you reach mid game when enemy supp usually have 1 fs or glimmer. At late game the silence is still amazing.
                                                Necro can't do shit a babysitting a hero. He only has heal /damage with a high mana cost and low heal. He stole exp from his core. Only one cc with ulti that is long cool down and just afect one hero that need to be low HP first to be effective.