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    what is consider

    Very Good.

    and how does KDA Formulate? Sorry i'm still learning.


      Terrible players have KDA between 1-2. Normal is around 3-4. Good is 5-6.

      Smurfs like you have 1 when you are running the mmr down and higher when you are crushing lower skilled players.


        what do you mean smurf? i didnt play much for almost 2 years.
        see my activity:

        ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ☾ᗩℝᏁჯᎿÎᎯ₦✌♫

          Depends on heroes and skill bracket. It'd be harder to get a good KDA ratio if your opponents are skilled.

          And ofc, supports usually have lower KDA.

          Like compare my acc that matches with 4ks to my 5k account I mean the Arc Warden and Earth Spirit. My KDA is lower in the latter one.


            i mean does KDA really matter that much in dota?

            i can finish the game with just making dagon and killsteal everything and lose the game with like 16-0-2 stats

            if you're looking for something to gauge your performance on, ur gpm/xpm score, damage dealt, lasthits/denies is a better metric but again it all depends on your role in the game IMO

            flourishing new leaf

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              flourishing new leaf

                and @OP, listen to @AyothSFH. KDA is what noobs and trash refer to

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                  At least good KDA shows your map awareness, ability to keep safe positions, don't dive and avoid stupid unnecessary deaths. It does not always mean that you play good, because too safe/passive playstyle often means you do much less damage than possible, don't secure kills and don't capitalize on your advantages.

                  I think good example is my invo. With KDA over 5 I somehow won only 35% of games.


                    My kdas complete crap and according to murranji I'm a terrible player. Thankfully, Dota is not really about kda and it's about winning the game. I'm a fantastic player

                    michael sassbender

                      kda doesn't mean shit, just get good at the game


                        flourishing new leaf =account buyer feeding his way back to real mmr


                          Don't pay attention to kill/death/assist scores they don't matter at all


                            kda means you understand something in this game


                              Stats of a fantastic player:


                              3 days ago
                              Last Match


                              Win Rate

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                                Kda doesnt win you games, strategy does...


                                  KDA Kills+ assists Divided by deaths.

                                  Good kda if u could do it on a consistent basis may indicate ur a good player (or a chiken)
                                  however there are good players who just go feed and still win the game. coz they know how to die and/ or do something around tthe map that result to them dying but getting the better gains at that trade


                                    exactly. thats the winrate of a fantastic player


                                      You want to call yourself a fantastic player with 162 games played at normal skill..?

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                                        Lmao. Dude check yourself before you wreck yourself. You have almost 2000 games in normal skill at 50% winrate. You're going nowhere. Whereas with the Low amount of games I have and high winrate, I'd easily surpass you in my sleep.


                                          My play isn't relevant to your assertion that you're a fantastic player, I'm not going to engage on that.

                                          The point is you know nothing about the game with that many games played.


                                            i know more than you for sure, and although you seem to think that small amount of games is counter proof to that, it is actually proof that you should listen to what i tell you. because i;m not a stagnant little shit like you.

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                                              I'm not entirely sure why I'm bothering but my games are all normal skill because I play with friends (go look the word up) and don't bother with solo q anymore.

                                              Anyway - how are you not forum banned yet?

                                              Dire Wolf

                                                It's not meaningless, the problem is it's meaningless without context. Actually I think the deaths part of it matter most. Getting kills or assist doesn't necessarily win dota, but dying a lot loses games. Every time you die you aren't farming, you aren't pushing, you aren't moving towards the objectives. Killing heroes can get you objectives but not always.

                                                And then it's hero influenced a lot too, like obviously zeus and spec and np with global ults will have much higher kda.

                                                Prizm [MuteAllChat]

                                                  Idk how you can get overall KDA on positions 3,4,5 above 3-4. Thats like impossible. Someone has to create space. Sure in a single game you can go 20-0-5 on position 3 or 4 mb even 5 but thats not possible to maintain this score in every game.

                                                  I feel like position 1 and position 2 should always have a kda equals or above 5 even in a losing game. If you play safe your gonna score this. Where position 1 should have higher KDA than position 2. everything else is just bad perfomance imho.

                                                  Prizm [MuteAllChat]

                                                    btw its kinda sad that dotabuff counts normal games and other mods to your kda. I dont get it tbh.


                                                      @Why try harder
                                                      Stop playing Invoker if you have 35% winrate, who cares about good KDA if you ain't winning bruh!


                                                        I mean sure you're not trying when you play that's why you're not good right? Yeah I buy that. I'm not trying either.


                                                          i like Dire Wolf comments... I play support, i got 5/5/25 and KDA is 5.17, means i didn't feed and scored 5.17 which a bit higher than the other players. It seems supports getting high kda thru more assist and less death...Carries is seems, more Kills and less death.

                                                          so KDA matters, just like Dire Wolf says, the more deaths you have the lesser you obtain your objectives, cannot push.

                                                          [MG] Eagles!?

                                                            Personally (legend 4 scrub here) I consider the minimum for a good game to be:
                                                            2+ kda for a support
                                                            3+ kda for offlane
                                                            4+ kda for mid
                                                            5+ kda for carry

                                                            But of course winning is more important, these are just like goals that I try to hit whenever I play that position. Usually anything below this results in a loss.