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    Personal im the support spammer, and my ranked only legend 2. For your experience , what mistake does legend rank always make as support.

    Potato PC

      Trusting your core


        not buying proper items and not casting spells/using items properly


          trusting someone in general
          or just picking support and trying to cure your core's autism

          play for fun



              got it thanks all god

              RAZE KING

                come support me ty


                  Im a support spammer too and personally i feel my big mistakes are playng like in old meta; place ward around the map help anyone need it around the map.
                  New support meta seems to just stack or pull and babysit your core and gank mid at max saving every penny you can.
                  Really those core players are like womans!

                  Midnight Special

                    supporting in SEA works only if it is roaming as well


                      Always carry a tp scroll and use it to save your midlaner.
                      Use smokes or sentrys before warding, or enemy will insta-break them. Generally, the deeper the ward is, the better.
                      Support your win condition (ex.: TA snowballer mid losing badly to Huskar, ), not necessarily your stupid HC.

                      Midnight Special

                        every lost game is a fault of the support (unless it is not)