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cool pudge build to counter brood in lane in General Discussion
    I laned against a pudge as brood, I thought I was going to crush him, but he goes for a very smart skill build, max rot and flesh heap, and doesn't skill hook until lvl 9. He is able to rot on me and trade very well, and chase me from lane to jungle I even saved up 3 pages of spider with my medalion timing and try to man up on him, that still doesnt work. Spiders just die to rot, I have to constantly pull back. When my spiders regen to full, pudge is back to full as well, due to him maxing flash heap.

    If you've picked pudge and the filthy enemy last picks brood, convince your team to let you go mid, you will have a fun time.

    I still win in the end, because brood is overpowered, and I have decent teammates that know to split push when enemies 5 man.


      yes, pudge was very smart. but not smart enough to buy a crimson guard.
      meanwhile u are not retarded OP. not at all.

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        Not sure if "not retarded" is a compliment, but thanks anyway.

        flourishing new leaf

          Pudge is pretty much free mmr nowadays


            He adjusted but his whole team didnt, feelz bad man


              Yeah core Pudge is incredibly legit ever since the most recent Flesh Heap change. 1-3 levels of that shit and you're not getting pushed out of lane. Shit out-paces Dragon's Blood in terms of regen. That combined with his fantastic base damage and str gain and you're also in last-hit/deny city.

              I'd personally say core pudge is far more viable than "I sure hope to god my early games goes ok" pos 4 Pudge.


                Mid or offlane pudge is 100% legit lol. When u harras him he just go like "lol fuck u" and get all the last hit and deny due to his big base dmg.

                Rather than afk at trees like an idiot leeching exp trying to hook geez


                  the build had nothing to do with u being brood it is how mid pudge is played. 2 bacers with max passive is around 15 reg per sec, like close to 30 magic resistance and 100 or 120 creep auto attack with blade. Unless you have spells to last hit with you are getting deny on every creep


                    Don't you normally put one or two points in flesh heap, then max rot and hook? Skilling hook at lvl9 doesn't happen often.


                      Well pudge is strong right now. He’s gotten a succession of buffs which makes him better in any role but especially core, and the fact that phase boots are now the boots of choice is super nice for a high hp low armor hero.

                      While pudge can have a good laning phase against brood, the matchup is still annoying for pudge in some ways. Unless he completely crushes brood out of lane, she will still have access to webs and spiders for farm speed.

                      A broodmother who is losing lane should try to transition into jungle because pudge can’t do the same.

                      Pudge mid also wants to rotate and get kills in the sidelanes- the brood should pressure mid towers as soon as he leaves.

                      It’s not like a DK who is happy to stay mid and push the brood’s tower when she is jungling.

                      Skilling pudge is situation dependent. Against broodmother if you aren’t gonna leave mid hook is useless. You planning to hook a spiderling? 1st point of hook at 9 or 10 makes sense in that matchup.


                        Fucking hate brood as enemy and pudge as team mate =D

                        Pls don't encourage people to play these!


                          core pudge doesn't exist in my bracket

                          Thara Ak-Var

                            thats how you build pudge literally all the time nowadays


                              I play core pudge a lot in ancient bracket. Even position 1 a time or two. He normally does that build. You just didn't know how to handle his late game build sucks.

                              very indo-european

                                thanks for repeatedly posting how good core pudge is, inspiring 3k plebs that can't possibly have the brainpower to figure out the item and skill build that makes core pudge good and can't land skillshots since they are 3k.


                                  ^and u are losing to them, make me wonder , what about u?

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