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I suck at this game. Help in General Discussion
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    I suck bad. I have a winrate lower than Lycan, and everytime I win, I get carried undeservedly.

    I tried everything, from balancing equilibrium according to coaches like BSJ, trying out multiple roles, helping the team, et cetera...

    but everytime I play, I get a toxic teammate even though I have a very positive mental attitude, and I always lose the lane, even though I don't know what I did wrong.

    Please help. I basically cry everytime I play dota... But I love this game so much.

    pinoy supp0rt

      Don't worry about it bro. It's completely normal to cry when playing dota. I remember the first time I stole aegis - cried for around 2 weeks. When psg.lgd lost to OG at TI final, I cried for 6 weeks.

      Lord BSJ is a good resource. Important to transcend the face value of his advice and internalize the concepts to apply in games. Focus on a small pool of heroes and 1 role.

      Also don't listen to any advice from Goku he is a known degenerate child molester and corpse rapist (police should capture him soon hopefully)

      AD.GokU™ |

        Low mmr monkey has a boner for me now. Can't control himself from moaning my name every thread.

        Also to op,

        but everytime I play, I get a toxic teammate even though I have a very positive mental attitude

        Do you even know what PMA means?
        You cry over games, that's not a sign of PMA. That's just another sign of a titled monkey who thinks not flaming ppl in game = PMA.

        pinoy supp0rt

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            If you lose the lane then probably you are playing too passively. Watch bsj guide for laning.

            wait for me

              Are u a new player??


                If you really love this game so much, you will overcome it (By playing a lot = solve your problems). :lick:


                  "I have a very positive mental attitude."

                  2 abandons in your last 5 games.

                  Pick one.


                    you probably get too stressed while playing and you don't focus on winning. remember dota is a strategy game


                      dont worry. Im bad at the game too -_-

                      Violet Feelsgarden

                        find a good friend to play with, you could try learn from each other which might help you get better. since you're playing in SEA you could try add me, idm playing whenever you're available.

                        New players probably need at least 500-1000 hrs to understand the BASIC MECHANICS of the game, and maybe a few hundred/thousand more to get real good at the game so don't think about it too much. i have never played a game so much and still suck at it so bad hahaha, speaking from someone who attempts to 100% their games and find broken in-game mechanics.

                        just pick a few heroes you think is cool/vibes with you and stick to it. Try to fully understand what works well for them/against them. that cumulative knowledge will definitely help as you slowly expand your game mechanic understanding and play more. Your hero pool is literally all over the map, so i'm not sure you are helping yourself in any way doing that.

                        All the best!