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General DiscussionWho is the best hero to climb 2k Support?

Who is the best hero to climb 2k Support? in General Discussion
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    2k is special in the sense that sometimes you REALLY can't trust your cores to farm hard or not throw with bad decisions. I'm talking blatantly bad decisions like chase a pos 5 with no vision etc.

    I've had some medium success with Warlock and Shaman?

    What is the best heroes and playstyle to climb 2k as a support?


    hélas hélas...

      basically, healbots

      AD.GokU™ |

        Think of a support hero that punishes blatant bad decisions.

        Answer: Techies.
        Learn how to play that hero and watch 4 enemy cores walk on your mines repeatedly.
        Easy climb to 3k.




            Winter Wyvern


              Also had succes with Wyvern. First item mana boots, dissasemble for aether lense and then just stay back and throw your ult in. Good combo with Jugg on safe lane


                WW warlock lion shaman.
                But goku is right if you master techies he is da best, ez mmr.


                  You need supports with high dmg to deny those lane creeps so the opponent carry gets nothing. Then if you cant deny, then go harass until the opponent leaves his lane. Chances are that the opponent will harass you very greatly nowadays compared to in the past. So you need a jungle option for yourself if you lose the lane, as most carries cant jungle that fast. There used to be an item iron talon that was so broken they removed it.

                  Some supports that always have a strategy no matter how bad the lane goes and yet fulfills all criteria above: Jakiro, Dark Seer, Invoker, Viper, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Venomancer.....

                  There are somemore, especially one which I shall not reveal. Basically your carries farm so slow you always have excess creeps sitting around. So in 2k bracket you want to cover those weak spots that your carries have instead of blaming them.


                    When you play heroes like Shaman or Treant you should aim for at least 10 denies or more otherwise you are just wasting your time. People like you need to play core more often to train your last hitting and denying skills so that you realize what core players need in the lane.


                      WW ult is the most op ult in the game, I don't think of any ult that is better than this shit(maybe dark willow)

                      AD.GokU™ |

                        AA ulti is the best in the game. No regen, No healing, No armlet toggle, No low hp shenanigans, No attribute shift -> that by itself counters so many cores + it has global range with increasing aoe.

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                          if your 2k support all you need to do is ganking and backup them try use hero like earthspirit or gyro roaming

                          honor guard

                            Dark willow, wr

                            honor guard

                              Dark willow, wr

                              AD.GokU™ |

                                ^^ off topic, But is everyone getting the "internal server error" frequently now and then the comment is posted twice?

                                honor guard

                                  Yep, just checked out this topic since last night when that "internal server error" thingy pops out after commenting here lol

                                  Anyways, playing with dw on your bracket is so fun you can literally kill anyone when you hit lv 6 if you know what you are doing. XD


                                    If you really wanna climb fast go mid. Climbing with pos 5 is borderline impossible depending on your rng. Pos 4 heroes who can solo carry or make crazy comebacks are techies/enigma/roaming shaker. WW is not bad but your brainless dogs will throw everything on your ult.

                                    AD.GokU™ |

                                      ^ P5 climb is doable if you know what you are doing. If you can't climb on P5 it simply means you suck at P5.


                                        Oh god pls dont techies .. Always remember to report techies whether if its ur ally or an enemy .. Whether it is a win or loss


                                          techies is definitely the hero to go if you want to make your own game. Otherwise, just get good. your mmr will eventually climb. If not, then maybe the trench is your true habitat lol.
                                          That being said, 2k (which is Crusader trench and also my current trench) is also full of smurfs, so it is more of luck thing involved as well. Personally, I'd just pick heroes I like to play/ fit my play style. I like to sit back as support so I prefer the likes of WL/ Zeus/ Veno/ KOTL/ Lina/ AA etc. Been floating in 1.8-2k for a while now, once I dropped to 1.4k but going back up is quick.


                                            Dark Willow. With her i got like 500-800mmr~ from Ancient 2 to Divine 2 or something like that.


                                              Judging by your profile, dazzle or warlock.


                                                Just remember, 40% of the games are going to be stomps you will have to endure. Another 40% of the games are stomps that you are going to be handing out to the other team. It is only those 20% games where your skill is truly measured. Shit tier teams usually are light on stuns and/or team fight abilities... So any of the heroes that provide these are good (this is basically most of the supports though). There are a few supports heroes that scale up and are not completely neutered by BKB.

                                                Even a shit tier core can hit a stunned enemy... Things like Void Chrono and WW ult etc. are a bit dangerous as you can f your team up with those abilities.


                                                  lina, dark willow, lion, shadow shaman,

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