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    “SA 3 slots at TI is so bad”
    Unfortunately, has come true. The 2 teams eliminated at groups are both South American teams. Thunder Predator just broke the record of MUFC(went 0-14 at TI3) by going 0-16. I don’t blame the SA teams, I blame Valve for having such a shit DPC points distribution format that allowed this to happen. Honestly, skill wise, only Beastcoast deserves to be there. (Queue “cry more TNC/Nigma/Liquid/Tundra fan” comments)
    “Why is Undying at TI”
    They at least showed that they could hang around, adding a coach seemed to have helped a lot. Disappointed in Quincy Crew’s bad performances out of NA. EG also early lower bracket because they choked.
    “China have 5 TI spots wtf”
    Well it’s justified apparently, IG LGD and VG top both groups. Not surprised about Aster struggling considering the COVID situation and they already weren’t that amazing in the leadup to TI, but Elephant haven’t performed, considering that everyone hailed them as a Chinese superteam when they formed.

    Anyways, barring any upsets in the next 2-3 hours or so, LGD should beat beastcoast and secure upper bracket for Team Spirit. I hope PSG.LGD pick OG to try and exorcize the demons but they’ll probably choose T1. IG will pick Team Spirit.

    I am Groot

      yeah surely Nigma/Liquid/Tundra deserved TI. Tundra has won PSG in a tournament or two I guess.

      some trash teams had literally nothing to say - _ - even not worth watchin their games

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