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CAN THIS LAPTOP RUN DOTA? in General Discussion
braian damaeg

    you're barely cutting it, barely. If by any chance you get crashes after loading a match I'd probably go back to reinstalling windows 8 just to have less RAM usage lol

    the thing about dota is that as of 2022 it drains a significant amount of RAM and it requires roughly 3 to 4g of ram to work without crashing lol
    it's also very CPU intensive and barely if anything GPU intensive, a lot of 2022 games run better than dota with the same GPU simply because they're better optimized for GPU usage


      kys , what the f is that


        Lol you would be lucky to get a steady 30 frames per second.

        Likely would will be playing on 17-20 frames lmao

        HexyRose :X

          no you can't !
          I have corei3 4005U 2GHZ Cpu + 4gb RAM + 2gb 920M GEFORCE but still my game runs super slow at menu and even shuts down in menu if quee takes too long time
          probably menu of dota 2 requires higher system than the gameplay itself !

          She`s Not here Right now

            There is no chance with the graphics card you are using.

            any old nvidea(2016s) can run at 60 fps.
            new ones at 120-200 fps.

            She`s Not here Right now

              the minimum setup for a decent experience is at 16gb ram, 20 series. -->taken from a budget internet cafe.
              any ping above 60 is rough, 2-20 ping is best

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                lol @ ping above 60 is rough you can easily play at 100 ping and still be fine

                party players)

                  it will probably run but you won't have a great experience


                    Laptop users disconnect a lot. Abandon a lot.