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General DiscussionAny remaining Dotabuff Veterans here anymore?

Any remaining Dotabuff Veterans here anymore? in General Discussion

    Just came to say hi, and i hope you are doing well in your life.
    I come by once per 2 years or so.
    Never forget the roots.

    your dad

    POS 4 ONLY

      thanks dad


        At this point, what counts as a veteran?

        Been looking at these degenerate forums here for at least 6 years or something


          Longtime lurker counts?


            more like anyone remember playdota forums


              Where is Kitrak? The only guy from here that played vs pros.

              2023 gaming

                I miss chiwa


                  @SEA mmr tourist

                  Veteran for me at least is the oldschool crew that we used to run this forum back from early 2013 daily.
                  after 2019-20 i stopped playing that much and since most of my friends stopped posting i stopped aswell.
                  good times!

                  @Lex i remember You by the way. not 10 years ago but a few years ago for sure! Also yeah i miss Kitrak too!


                    Good Question


                      @OP Who were you? :)

                      @Lex Symetrical played on Alliance dude and you only remember Kitrak who only was standin for some NA teams lol xD

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                      Tu tayta

                        I remember !Attacker once posting here thinking he had discovered Kunkka's secret item build for success, not realizing he was just that good on the hero.

                        Also, I'm pretty sure mason used to post in the earliest years of this place.

                        HexyRose :X

                          ^wow this Attacker has %59 wr with kunkka with over 4K matches with him




                              I remembered Kowareta in this forum, the very toxic person I've ever seen. I hope he's dead now

                              Queso Parmesano

                                probably on discords getting banned



                                  Tyrannical Cancer

                                    I miss an arc warden spammer who write a legendary CM jungle 100% autowin guide


                                      Yeah Im happy the biggest retards like Kowareta and MulliPullervo and some others whose names I dont remember are gone


                                        Dota is dead bro, see u in Dota3

                                        flourishing new leaf

                                          Not many veterans left it seems

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                                            Not flourishing new leaf .. my favourite teammate back when I was in EU

                                            Yellow Flash Queen's Gambit

                                              Been playing since 2005 if that counts.


                                                Hi Benao lol, where are people? xD


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                                                      I barely play anymore but still check on these forums every now and then since 2013
                                                      (btw add me on snapchat moiez_boss)

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                                                      flourishing new leaf

                                                        Lul hi. People are... idk. Is there a game besides DOta? cs is just some break game every now and then

                                                        Queso Parmesano

                                                          gundam evo is decent

                                                          or fighting games are pretty good bang for your buck and also consume much less time than dota. then again most people who went to Fgs from dota are dogshit at em

                                                          cavern crawl draft= i throw

                                                            long time lurker as well