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General Discussionhow's everyones calib going so far? i got 10-7, went from archon 3 to...

how's everyones calib going so far? i got 10-7, went from archon 3 to legend 1 kekw in General Discussion

    i love dota 3


      12 win - 3 loses 10 mvp from Archon 2 to Archon 1. I hope Gaben gets cancer.


        worst update


          if u play bad, u get high mmr. but if u play good u get low mmr. toxic valve

          o`hanra hanrahan

            Honetly i havent played in a while, i played in Legend, then in Archon, now i havent played in over a year, i did some normal games, then some ranked, and for some reason got put in Crusader1, and get teamed with literally Herald 1/2/3 while enemy gets 3 Archon players... nice update, its literally instant losses every single game. Last game i had a off-lane (Herald2 i believe) and went ES, 30 minutes in guy had 0/9 and had 0 items, didnt even bother to get blink dagger. Also used his Q to literally block us from getting kills. Impossible to win any game with 2/3 heralds who for some bizzare reason get put with Archon/Crusaders... Literally the most retarded ranking system ever created they should go back to the original, instead of this aids.

            u suck kid

              account 1 i got calibration ancient 3 after 3 games,

              2nd account i got calibration after 10 games and got divine 1

              legend = nEW herald

                I was ancient 4 calibrated legend 4 yeah Love this fking new rank system and my confidence is AT 50%


                  Guardian 4 to Archon 1 (94%) so almost Archon 2.
                  3 games and was 26% confidence. Two wins and one loss with a big feeder and stomp.

                  I gained so much mmr in 3 games. I only play support. It seems like most guardians and heralds are jumping up to crusader and archon ranks while Legends, ancient and Divine players drop down unless they are really good and active.

                  I used to play CSGO and thought the ranking system there was really good. You have to be active for the ranks to be accurate and you also needs the skill to maintain that. You will either climb so fast up or go down fast depending on your skill in CSGO. It will be the same here with no more +-25 no matter what. I kinda excited since I have been screaming for Dota to have the same ranking system as in CSGO. You will not be depending on your allies as much to climb up now as before. Bad carries will drop and great supports will climb from now on. Dota2 will be a whole different game in 6 months on. People who relied heavily on playing carries simply because it was easier to climb will have a hard time now.

                  Tyrannical Cancer

                    Only went rank 2 time. Got +500 mmr ez pz

                    legend = nEW herald

                      I was ancient 4 and now i calibrated as a fking legend 3 but now i climbed to legend 4 literally stomping everygame as grimestroke rn 10 winstreaks Thanks valve for giving me free chance to smurf


                        I was divine 1 and calibrated into archon 4. calibration W/L - 16/7. Like what is this garbage really


                          Lost 13 of 15 games, but got like 11 honorable mentions :P at least it says something about the insanity of the teams I was handed. Went from Archon 4 to Guardian 1. This made me realize I have wasted 7000 hours of my life on this game, and it is not worth it. I sold all my cosmetic items now and I hope to finally be able to rid myself of this game from my life.

                          The game is good and developers are doing a good job on the game itself. However I am just so disgusted at how little Valve is doing to stop smurf/script cheaters. I have 1-7 cheaters every game (less in ranked). What is the point of playing if only cheating brings you wins and fun? You wouldn't let a 16 year old kill your 8 year old in Taekwondo, right? Dota is the same. 1 smurf cheater DESTROYS the game for 9 players.

                          Anyway my arm is so inflamed after 12 years of this game, I am just happy it is over. I really wish I didnt waste 7000 hours of my life on this game. The few good memories are not worth it. However I will still be part of the sport as a spectator. Looking forward to see Dota Majors or Internationals in the future too. The casters are such great people and I can't wait to see great Dota on a big event some time. This is kind of the problem with Dota right now - it is a better spectating sport than it is to play.


                            There are no cheats in dota apart from some scripts for fast casting 😄 But they are useless on most heros anyway. And people get banned if spotted. Smurf is a common problem its true, but they dont cheat 😄 They are just way better than the bracket you play on.

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                              Smurf cheating ruins 20 times more games than scripters for me. 1 Smurf cheater mean 9 players are playing a void game and is wasting their life. Would u let a 100 kg 20 year old go against your 45 kg 12 year old kid in the boxing ring? With 1-7 Smurf cheaters every game, this game is just trash in my view. But yeah the joke is on me I wasted 7000 hours of my life just for cheaters to come in and ruin all at the end. I encourage any new player to skip Dota until Valve fix this cheatfest.

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                                my buddy went from legend 1 to ancient 5 and now he wont stop talking about how much better than us he is and how bad our matchmaking is gonna be cuz of him when he doesn't realize they literally just redid the brackets and he's the only friend in the group that plays ranked


                                  Andy bro just grind to divine and smurf are no longer a problem :) They usually sell divine 1 accs.

                                  Redid the brackets? I feel like they are more accurate but hell when you get reported its felt instanlty in the quality of your games.


                                    I haven't quite calibrated yet but it's looking atm like I am going to go from immortal -> low ancient. But I haven't played for over two years so it makes some sense.