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General Discussionwhy i cant find a match. dota is dead

why i cant find a match. dota is dead in General Discussion
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    dota is dead. i cant find a match in ranked for so long. almost 1 hour . I just finished my 100 hrs. my conduct summary is almost 10k. and i queue all roles. fking idi0t noob game

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      its called shadow pool and dont forget to select couple region to play.


        dont worry about it. dota is more alive than anybody ever spoke your language


          2 mins max queue time. Feelsgoodman


            ты походу из владика, потому что в европейской России всё нормально ищется. может хидден пул roflanpominki


              queue time is fine

              Crystal Meth and Crotch Rot

                You got shadow pooled for creating smurf account.