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why are my teammates so bad in General Discussion

    decided to pick up dota again this past month for the event and decided to grind mmr since of mmr double down (ive lost many cuz of dragweight teammates)

    i know im not that good but goddamn my teammates are the worst
    specially when you have a chinese on your team, you already know that youre gonna lose and theyre trash at the game

    like they literally just make the game more harder for you
    they dont know what theyre doing

    supports mostly just stay behind you doing nothing in laning phase
    they dont even want to block enemy camp or unblock self camp to pull for lane equilibrium
    they even let u get harass in lane and they dont harass them back

    almost all of my random mid teammates always lose lane
    theyre so fuvkicng trash and they feed

    offlane is trash also
    they feed the enemy carry so much
    when you face enemy carry they usually have one item advantage over u

    and when you decided to play support
    you did everything right just for your carry to throw every momentum you gave them

    why do i even play this game
    sorry for the rant </3

    o`hanra hanrahan

      Its ok. We all have moments of weakness... after a losing streak for example.

      For me it grows over time. If i have one bad game with some mistakes its fine, after 5 of those games where people keep doing more and more stupid shit, and teammates keep griefing even harder its easy to get tilted and just tell them to fuck off resulting in a mute which doesnt help whatsoever and only tilts me more.

      Like i see someone lock in some weird non-meta hero in a lane where they have 5 games on that hero and they just end up going 1/8 as a core... thats some mega grief retard shit and if its one game its fine, not when people do it every game it feels like sometimes. like i said i know my MMR is just some 3K shit, so it doesnt matter cause everyone is bad, but if you are on a losing streak, and some idiot thinks its a good way to pick a hero with 5~ games on it, and then proceed to feed and lose at min20 because of it... i just cant stand auto-griefing like that.

      I feel like Dota sometimes really trying to test people their patience, and to keep your cool, cause my god its hard sometimes.

      but like i said we all have our moments, im sure by the time you read this you wont be that annoyed/tilted or w/e anymore. Its just moments of weakness that make us make mistakes.


        Welcome to Divine.

        If you can't 1 VS 9. Go get a party.
        tis the Longest queue timer and most toxic bracket


          bro i swear, i always pray that i dont get any chinese players on my team

          always playing at a handicap with chinese players
          theyre so bad literally ingame and irl

          if only we can use double down coins outside of the event time
          im not gonna climb while this event is going on cuz servers are infested with chinese dogs



            just look at this support razor pick
            he griefs the lane by using first skill on creeps thus pushing the lane
            and doing nothing


              couldn't agree more with chinese griefers lmao 11k conduct here and still


                This event has brought out quite a set of issues with it. I have mostly enjoyed it and the variety of heroes it has brought, but it can get to you on that 9 game "double down" bender... Been there, done that. People are looking to collect them tokens for the event and are playing heroes they are not at their best at and hoping the team will carry their behinds to the win. I played a couple of these too, not going to lie. Lost quite a lot of MMR due to my own and other player "selections".

                The 11k behavior score range is tricky. I play one hero a lot and I can get pretty rough to play against on the lane with that hero, so I do tend to get some reports and once that happens that you drop under the 12k magical marker, you start seeing quite a lot of smurfing going on. This is due to the fact that the smurf accounts do tend to get some reports and they do receive a lot of commends too, so they hover usually at the 11-12k range. They usually don't run their mouths all that much and just play and win games, so this is where they are usually hiding. The games are so much easier at 12k than just a smidgen below that. Even without the toxicity going through the roof... The people diving well under 11k is where that is happening. The players that get reported even when they win...


                  my behavior scores doesn't go below 12k but damn still getting paired with monkeys


                    good thing im not stuck at this bracket, play in sea, toxic people yet good players


                      my games are infested with griefers again omfg


                        once game goes full retard its time to go full retard lmao


                          hello guys Can someone analyze and predict my mmr. 20hrs left POS 1 player. IDK why dotabuff show me archon 1 :/// i really outplayed high ranked matches... help me with predict plz

                          u suck kid

                            just buy a smurf bc queue times are long and shit stomp kids