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    After switching to version Adrenalin 24.5.1, the game’s resolution seemed to drop, it became blurry, and on top of everything else, the FPS dropped. Previously I was on version 23.7.2, but the rollback had no effect. I also tried other versions and the result was the same.
    I have a Radeon rx 5700 XT.
    Photo before -
    Photo after -

    u suck kid

      cool bro i have 3080 ti no issues here


        I have exactly the same gpu, had to rollback to 23.7.2 too, but it fuxed it for me.
        Did you completely remove the old driver using DDU or did you do it without it?

        A T R A

          no issues here. have you ran DDU and reinstalled the drivers. also dont run any special garbage. if you have razer products find other products. synapse might as well be a virus. is it just dota with this issue?


            Try switching "global profile for games" in AMD Software (Adrenalin). If it has no effect, try this guide:

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