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      black november

        *2k Aghanim Tier List

        Rard Wosh
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            Time for a bunch of whiners complaining that their wisp mid wasnt ranked here WHEN ITS BEING SAVED FOR ANOTHER LIST.

            Beast of no Nation

              Magnus aghanim can be used to stale the Game if you are forced hg.


                Bird ags is pretty good imo

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                    is this classification like ONE PUNCH MAN heroes classes? xD


                      Slardar tier S, Mars tier D. Ok, no comments

                      your dad

                        Centaur not tier S? If having 40% dmg reduction is not S tier in utility, then I don't think anything else should be. Just watch a pro dota game to see the difference in impact between Pango and cent Aghs. As far as magnus goes, his aghs is not utility but rather DPS, and is strictly an option for magic dmg mid magnus with octarinee and sangekaya (it is shit, but that is its purpose).


                          no veno, lulw

                          СНАЧАЛА Я НАЖМУ Z

                            lol kek 4eburek


                              Wyvern gives insane amounts of slow to enemy team, while giving easy chases for her own team.
                              Aghs only makes it harder to enemies to disengage, rendering it almost impossible even for am without bkb.

                              Yet she's not even on the list.

                              Not to mention the DPS-core build that actualkly works and was not mentioned here or in previous article.

                              Le sigh.

                              road to 3k (behavior)

                                What the fuck is with describing bonuses as cute? Amateur writing.

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                                  its cute because the damage on caustic finale is so low that it tickles


                                    Ok... Socks we're clearly in disagreement about how scepters are used & what they change/bring to the game.

                                    Tidehunter is a mid counter to a lot of heroes - notably ember (moreso than MK) and any ranged hero that can't lock you down or escape ; you RUSH Aghs. You get blight/soulring/phase/lifesteal & get an AGHS.
                                    It's 7s cooldown 40% slow with 2200 range that reduces armor by 12 with the talent.

                                    The Aghs itself makes the hero relevant, try comparing gush with Dragon Slave just to see what I mean. It's also way better than desolator for barely 700g more. The problem with dps tide is that retards in lower MMR run him with desolator and not much else.

                                    Once again the problem is that you've divided them into "utility" and "dps cores" -- a Tidehunter deals more damage than most heroes in the game throughout the entire game and moreso when he hits lvl 25. So damn much that SNG/Hippos/Aachen/Chaos were first phase banning or picking it in several games of the qualifier for Starladder. I'd know I was playing against them & they were banning it against us.
                                    It's not just some cheese... Tide is now a serious damage hero and building Greaves/Blink/Pipe hinders him if anything ; being a one time ravage isn't a horse you bet on, however sustainable crazy amounts of physical and magical damage is.

                                    And dude WR in "utility" and "Does little for DPS WR"? No one gives a damn about the evasion, unless you're really far ahead. It's a 2 charge max movespeed AoE slow with invis that makes her impossible to CATCH (not kill), it's huge on core WR.

                                    We clearly don't play at the same MMR man. No considerations should be given to gameplay below 5k5-6k because they don't really play Dota2... they play PvE WoW against creeps each game yet still can't stack or farm the enemy side of the map - EVEN WITH VISION AND ALL SMOKES USED (yes you count them & the timer) ; oh wait ! They don't smoke...


                                      "No considerations should be given to gameplay below 5k5-6k". The majority of Dota players are below these ranks, dotabuff is a site to see how to become better, and not giving advice to people at low ranks wanting to improve is exremely dumb. Playing on your own with divine tactics doesn't increase your mmr, playing strong heroes that work in your bracket does.


                                        These lists are all over the place, Greg. The point of my remark comes across as crude but more than anything else it's about being up to par with current information & knowledge which isn't something that lower ranks usually do.

                                        In your bracket Clinkz is god -- just rush medaillon/treads & get scepter right away. Even if you're as slow as 20m it's plenty to steamroll the game with 4x skeletons.
                                        Just get a fast gem & learn to place yourself to have burning army summons on top of cliffs & you don't even need wards.

                                        Also try Tide mid against any melee but MK - wins against most ranged heroes too. Just max anchor smash & gush with a single level in Kraken shell.

                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                          Gotta disagree about the Windranger. Yeah, 20 seconds. But that's only possible if you chain 3 of them together, at which point you have to wait another almost 30 seconds to do it again. Clearly that's not awful, but you have to spend 4200 gold to get to that point, and you aren't rushing this item anymore. Maelstrom and I still firmly believe in blink are better options, and even then I'm still not against a crit stick or bloodthorn before aghs.

                                          This aghs does indeed let Wind slowly whittle down an enemy in relative safety in the same way that a bristle or necro or viper can, but without the added benefits the rest of those heroes enjoy, or even the ability to apply damage to more than one hero. Viper doesn't even need to keep attacking the target to continue applying damage.

                                          I'm going full tilt here and I know it, but it's because a) I love this hero and really want her to be good again and b) I want to pull at the threads a little to get a better understanding of what it is about this aghs that can't be done elsewhere. I mean, even with this aghs (and talents) wind is still a baby version of clinkz sans aghs.

                                          Maybe a better question to ask is what surrounding items do you see that would make a good case for picking wind with the intention of getting the aghs? Are we talking your offlane auras? Crowd control euls and rods and force staffs? Hexes and silences?

                                          EDIT: I see the potential for skipping blink with the aghs as it does give you a pretty mean movespeed buff, but that still puts it in B tier for me

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                                            I actually agree with the points you made Yar, just the bit I quoted that triggered me for some reason lmao.


                                              slardar S ?? tell me ur agha slarkar winlate


                                                where are the other hero?


                                                  magnus and mars aghs are pointless yes i agree, but bristleback agh in D class is a big no for me


                                                    If only Magnus had his old Aghs... Best ever in the game - SSS tier.


                                                      God of Rebuke already does almost 1k damage late game with the crit talent in an AOE with just vlads, deso, bkb. Throwing in the aghs would possibly make him even more ridiculous than level 25 Brew (with crit talent).


                                                        Pango aghs still feels weird to me cause I usually build him for utility.

                                                        MatoBato Gentlebloop

                                                          axe aghs is crazy. Imagine hitting 2 heroes and a wave of creeps. He gets somethig close to 40% additional movement. And with 25 talent, It becomes a crazy ass nuke. It kills supports like they were neuts. Usually it will force them to euls or nuke a creep if ever. Which is 1 utility or nuke less in clash.


                                                            I think you're way underrating nightstalker aghs tbh. 0.6s stun is not negligible, and the AOE is considerably large. With a bottle + clarities nightstalker can actually flashfarm, not to mention 50% on almost every enemy in teamfights is very powerful in the early game. If you can get it by around the 15-17 minute mark, that's a really good power spike that's not easy to deal with.


                                                              Nightstalker aghs is good. He is tanky enough that he can spam it in the middle of the fight.


                                                                They forgot to mention that bristles Agh's allow him to use Nasal Goo without a target, allowing him to stay at max at charges of his ulti at all times


                                                                  in pubs Mars aghs is S tier aghs, ppl just dont realize they fucking die in 3 seconds


                                                                    Theres just no way you rank slardar higher than puck, 2k list indeed

                                                                    1 bulan MONET - 16th

                                                                      u guys seems ready to kill each other
                                                                      a lot of toxic comment, lucky that kawaisocks already immune to Immortal below rank trashtalk
                                                                      i need Aghs utility that can stop my mom from yelling at me
                                                                      WHEN I PLAY DOTO
                                                                      my mom has lv 99 Ulti Scream of Pain btw

                                                                      1 bulan MONET - 16th

                                                                        and lv 200 Sonic Wave
                                                                        - Can hit units up to 13500000 range away (travel distance + end radius).
                                                                        - Fully affects couriers.

                                                                        ya even courier from Amazon cant deliver item to me