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    I'm here


      people still read these?


        Great post as always


          Give 'em the good ol' Spirit Vessel and Bloodthorn

          rising for 4k

            it works


              Shadow demon is too op right now TBH but in pubs noone picks him.Good article

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              Abyssal D2

                Heralds: GG NO TANK


                  almost all of my favorites are mentioned, I think the reason they are OP now is because Jugg is so weak right now compared to other type of carry, I realized this because I keep spamming all of these heroes in the past back when Jugg is a decent pick. Usually I stomped the lane or midgame fight using these heroes, but I noticed that my impact lowered considerably when there is Jugg on enemy team, the healing ward just counter all of these heroes slow but EXTREMELY deadly spells.

                  Which is why my heroes choice are compromised of mostly these heroes and Anti-jugg heroes like Axe, PA, Pugna, Sky, but now people hardly pick Jugg anymore since there is always a better option like Lifestealer, Void, Drow


                    *cough* winter wyvern *cough*


                      Your TI9 predict sucks