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    first i think


      and where is sven?

      просто долбаеб


        Я не могу иначе

          Where Slark? Hero with literally 0 picks in pro gaming and carry, who needs very many conditions in the game to be effective. He needs some love by Valve(and he take it).


            we feel anti mage is now useful against skywrath mage.. because sky buff have too many inteligence... anti mage is should be anti inteligence heroes that can instantly nuke. but need someone hero that can bring all together like dark seer.. so the ult can hit all heroes
            aeon is the best way to prevent instant damage though

            Black Lives Matter

              AM, PA, and Clinkz still get picked.

              But Drow? Ignored last major (1 ban)


                Clinkz is broken right now.